Monday, December 31, 2012

Wisdom of the Satsquirrel

The third eye chakra is believed to be the channel through which humankind opens spiritually to the Divine. The red powder known as kumkum is placed at this point to keep out negative thoughts.  In this photo you can see the face of little Muffin, a sat-squirrel, resting at this chakra.  His job, like the kumkum, is to keep the mind clear of negative thinking.  That is one thing you can always be sure of... little squirrels never entertain any negative thoughts!  (Actually they don't have any thoughts at all.)

    Mr.Nut, my satsquirrel, reminds me to rest and allow everything to be as it is. In a recent satsang, Mr.Nut relayed the details of the Buddha's awakening.  He said that in his feverish quest for enlightenment, the Buddha practically wore himself out with hundreds of sadhanas and austere practices.  On that particular day, approximately 2500 years ago, he finally reached that place of surrender; he realized that he could not reach enlightenment by his own "doing". Tired and exhausted, he sat down under the Bodhi tree.  A little satsquirrel resting on a branch just above his head, whispered to Gautama... "Just rest as the looking"!

Most people don't realize that is how the Buddha became enlightened!  It was because of this direct transmission of Cosmic consciousness from the little squirrel in the Bodhi tree. Today there are literally thousands of satsquirrels working round the clock to awaken humanity!  

And if you are lucky enough, a little squirrel might just bless you with wisdom when you sit under his tree!  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LOVE... too big to hold on to!

Mr.Nut Guiding Light

Today Mr.Nut is running all over the living room and jumping against the front door wanting to go outside.  His brothers, Sweet Pea and Bucky (II) are settled in the neighborhood and come back for food and water and the occasional nap in the release cage.  It is mid December and we haven't really gotten to the cold weather yet.  Since he needs to spend 3 to 4 weeks in the release cage prior to full freedom, I can't really do that until the winter is over.

I am now clearly seeing my attachment to this sweet sweet soul, my beloved Mr.Nut.  At this same time a year ago, I was facing the death of my beloved Bucky squirrel.  He left this earth on Christmas Eve;  a tumor called an odontoma invaded his sinus cavity and he could no longer breathe. When Bucky flew back to the Sun, I experienced the vastness of LOVE and had the experience that no one can ever leave...
consciousness never dies!

Isn't it interesting how LOVE is just too big to hold on to? I can't hold on to Mr.Nut... he is LOVE in a little squirrel body and he goes with the flow.  And it looks like the flow is for him to join his brothers outside...

We just never know how long we have with anyone...  a friend, a spouse, a beloved animal, a baby squirrel! That's a great reason to be totally present with them when they are beside us and let them know how much we love them!

I know the time is short for Mr.Nut to be living in the house with me and I am grateful every night when I tuck him in and rub his furry belly!  Ah... to be this intimate with a little squirrel is HEAVEN!...