Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Buddha Squirrel of Gathright Cove

Mr.Nut in Deep Meditation

As the Texas heat continues to increase with the passing days, Mr.Nut practices the art of allowing.
He can be at peace no matter the external conditions.
That is what makes him a superior teacher of the Tao.

Every day the squirrels of the neighborhood come to visit this Buddha-squirrel to gain understanding in the ways of harmony. Mr.Nut fulfills a very important role, not only for these young squirrels, but for the planet.  Whether he counsels or sits in meditation, he radiates true bliss. And so he raises the consciousness, not only in the neighborhood, but of the entire city of Austin.  

Today I asked Mr.Nut to share with me the secret of his ever-present composure and good nature.  Here is what he said: 

"We squirrels are naturally present in spaciousness.  It is not something we have to "try" to do... on the contrary, it is just our natural way of being.

The secret of contentment is to allow everything to be as it is.  As soon as we argue with what is and insist that it be different....  we lose the awareness of the perfection of the Universe. This is the message of the Buddha... and it is my message too.

Let the little Buddha Squirrels Sing out for the World!
Mr.Nut recommends that you listen to this lovely song from Den Lilla Ekorren!  Thank you so much!

Transmission of Wisdom