Sunday, September 18, 2016

If You Meet the Buddha in the tree....

Sri Muffinheart

There is a saying, "If you meet the Buddha on the road,
kill him."

This sounds so harsh, but all it means is that one shouldn't attach to a teacher... no matter how worthy or wise that teacher might be.  For me, that teacher was my beloved Muffinheart.  He was my little bodhisattva squirrel... my little buddha in a furry body.  He taught me to meditate... he taught me what "true love" is.   He gave me the experience of dissolving in the bliss of his gaze.  I have no words to describe the exquisite relationship I have with him.  He was here in the physical for 4 years and now he communicates with me in his formlessness.
What Grace is this!

So today, sitting in his room, while Pucy Pie chews on Muffin's deer antlers, he speaks directly from my heart.  He reminds me to just let go of his form and rest in his love... the love that is always present.  That love is not "his" per se,  but is the backdrop that gives rise to us all.

So the challenge is to realize that the "love" that I associated with Muffin is not limited to his form! That love is the totality that gave birth to the physical Muffin.  The good news is that that love cannot be lost... cannot disappear.  
Only the physical form can end... not the love that animated that form.  And so the admonition to "kill the buddha", simple reminds us to let go of our attachment to the physical form and relax and breathe in and embrace that 'squirrelove' that animates us all!  

Love loves to love! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thank you Admiral Nut!

I had a long talk with Admiral Nut this morning. Or rather, I should say, he had a long talk with me. I was getting so worried about not having enough money to pay bills 
and eat, etc, and Mr.Nut reminded me of this:

Please don't worry! 
 I am looking out for you and for all the squirrel friends. 
I have been traveling around the globe 
and it is quite shocking really. There are people in Africa 
who live on less than a dollar a day! 
There are people who don't have a roof over their heads! There are squirrels that are being hunted and mistreated. 

     You have no idea how good you have it 
even when you don't have enough or can't pay the bills. 
On those days, please just look at all you DO have 
and say "thank you" to the Universe. 
When you continue to give thanks, 
the Universe continues to bless you. 

And NEVER be afraid!  
When you take care of the little squirrels 
and other creatures, the Universe promises 
to take care of you!  
Squirrels' Honor!! 
We love you very much!

Admiral Nut, signing off now. 
Be happy!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Mr. Nut is the Light of the Universe

Mr.Nut' Light Orb

Mr.Nut is the Squirrel of the Universe;
He flies through the ethers sowing seeds of Love.
He is here to teach the Wisdom of the Universe;
Be ever ready to receive his Love.

May you disappear in the gaze of a little squirrel;
And recognize the Love of the Universe.
Mr.Nut will embrace you with his Cosmic Love;
For he is the Squirrel of the Universe.

When you look deep into the eyes of a little squirrel;
You must remember to let down your guard.
Let this Purest of Pure Loves embrace your Heart;
For each squirrel is the Lover of the Universe.

Mr.Nut is the Savior of the Universe;
And he shall set straight your Path to the Stars.
Mr.Nut shall come visit you in your dreams;
And his sweet embrace will kiss your Heart awake.

Mr.Nut is the Lover of the Universe;
So let his Pure Love melt your tender Heart.
His Pure Wisdom will guide you through your darkest night;
For he is the Light of the Universe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Beauty of Death

Mr.Nut's LOVE is Forever.

No words can adequately convey the immensity of Mr.Nut's love.   He came here to teach, share and be an example of Squirrelove.  So so beautiful.
He left his body on my 60th birthday. Such a tender gift from my most beloved teacher.
And although his physical form is gone, 

his sweet radiance 
shines on and on.

Death is simply the dissolving of the imagined boundaries that "seemingly" keep love separated into bodies. 
Truly there are no boundaries.  
There is just LOVE.
There is ONLY love. 
And there is only One Heart. 
Sweet Mr.Nut left his beautiful body at 3:33pm 
on my 60th birthday.
Such a tender gift from my most Beloved teacher. 
He wanted me to celebrate his life... and to be in joy.
He carries on his mission of LOVE... 
now even stronger than before.

I love the following video. Rupert speaks simply and beautifully of the truth of death ~ 

Just love.