Monday, August 27, 2012

Hindu Squirrel Deities

I was having my morning coffee with Mr.Nut today and he started telling me about the Hindu Squirrel Deities.  I really had no idea about these amazing squirritual allies!  

Mr.Nut explained that this auspicious year, 2012, is the year of full Awakening into Squirrelbliss for the whole planet!  He says that by December 21st,  juicy squirrel happiness will permeate every single person on earth, with NO ONE LEFT OUT!  

When I asked him how this will be achieved, he told me that we are getting lots of help from the Great Squirrelgod Remover of Obstacles... Buckanesha!

Buckanesha~ Remover of Obstacles
He said that all we have to do is send messages of Squirrelove and Squirrelbliss on the Internet Ganges as often as we can and reach as many people as we can.  We must let them know that Squirrelove is the power and that there is nothing to fear in opening one's heart!  All there is is LOVE!

Mr.Nut told me that Radhatoofie and Krishnutkin are the Squirrelgods that enchant the world and they represent the love affair between the Divine and the devotee. Chants and songs have been written to celebrate the immensity of this devotional love.  

Radhatoofie and Krishnutkin
Mr Nut also explained that Shiva-Earl is known as the destroyer of demons and is the Great Transformer Squirrelgod. She has returned at this time in history to assist in the birth of the Golden Age of Squirrelananda!

Then Mr.Nut got really quiet and I felt that he had left out an important squirrel deity.  In a flash of instantaneous squirrel wisdom, I realized his true identity!  Mr.Nut is none other than the Great Nutshmi... squirrelgod of squirrelopulence

Nutshmi~ deity of Abundant Nuts
All of these Squirrelallies are here to help humankind. Mr.Nut says that the best way to receive all of the many blessings they want to shower upon you is to chant and sing. Please feel free to sing along with the popular squirrel-bhajan below!  Mr.Nut promises that you will feel your heart burst open with Squirreljoy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nothin' But Love!

Hold your squirrel in your arms;
Hold him next to your heart.
Gazing into his eyes,
Feel the Love of the One!

He's a mirror of you;
Gift of Grace from above.
Let him open your heart,
You'll find nothin' but love!

Little squirrel of my heart,
Will you linger awhile?
Let me bask in your Grace;
Taste the peace of your smile!

And although you will go;
Your sweet memory will stay.
For there's no place on earth
That escapes Squirrels' Love Ray!

So for now I will rest
In the joy of Squirrelove;
And I know I am blest
By the squirrel stars above!

Yes, for now I will rest
In the bliss of Squirrelove;
Since you've opened my heart...
I've found nothin' but LOVE!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Egyptian Squirrel Rulers

King Nut
As I was searching in my squirrel archives for a photo of the Squirrel King of Longview, Mr.Nut nonchalantly informed me of the many great Egyptian squirrel rulers of days gone by!
He confessed of his incarnation as King Nut and that he had been the son of Buckenaten.

Pharoah Buckenaten

Mr.Nut also informed me that his father and his mother, Nefertoofie, were known for a religious revolution in which
they worshipped one god only, Aten, the sun disc.

I find it so interesting that in the Mayan story of creation, it was a squirrel that built an altar to the Sun and was considered his companion!  And did you know that King Nut's wet nurse was called Maya?


Friday, August 3, 2012

Squirrel Oracle

Mr.Nut at Delphi

Have you been receiving communications from the squirrels lately? Right now as we get closer to Dec. 21st, 2012 an incredible expansion of consciousness is happening on the planet and the little squirrels are pulling out all the stops!
The truth is emerging regarding ancient squirrel wisdom that was either hidden from the masses or  transcribed incorrectly. You may recognize these famous wisdom quotes:

"Be the squirrel you want to see in the world."
"Do what you love and the squirrels will follow."
"Follow your squirrel."
"I behold the squirrel in you."
"The Way is not difficult for the squirrel;
for he is without preferences."
"Great understanding comes with great squirrelove."
"Know thy squirrel."
"Behind every great man or woman is a great squirrel!"

People get upset when they see a squirrel digging in their garden or potted flowers.
Squirrel message: Are you digging into other people's dirt?
Remember there are three kinds of business... mine, yours, and the squirrels'. Being in someone else's business is how you create your own suffering.

People complain that the squirrels are eating the fruit off 'their' fruit trees.
Squirrel message: Are you sharing your good fortune with others? Are you willing to be of benefit to other beings?

People get angry when they see the squirrels eating the bird's seed.
Squirrel message: Believe it or not, squirrels and birds don't have a sense of ownership. Possession is a human phenomenon... it requires having an identity.  The squirrels and birds have no such concept and they just eat whatever is there to eat.  In fact the eating is just happening automatically... there is no "doer"; and certainly there is no "owner".

Could it be that the squirrels are here to enlighten us? Perhaps humans would all be a lot happier if they didn't get so caught up in 
"mine" vs. "yours".
You might remember this quote from the bible regarding wealth:
"It is easier for a squirrel to go through the eye of a needle
than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."