Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Truth About Santa

Santa Nut and his Roly Poly Reindeers

For hundreds of years people all over the world have believed in Santa Claus. Children leave cookies and milk on the kitchen table for some roundish figure in a red stocking cap who is supposed to leave lots of presents and goodies under the Christmas tree.

Well it's time you learn the real truth about Santa.  I just found this out myself.  Apparently the truth could not be shared until we arrived at a critical mass of human beings who understand the enormity of Squirrlove and the important mission of squirrels:  To establish Peace on planet Earth.

And now the time is here.

Mr.Nut IS Santa!
And his loyal helpers are his roly poly reindeer!
You know, this makes perfect sense to me.  A sleigh is not going to be able to travel the globe and get the job done with a reindeer-powered sleigh.  Santa Nut's superior spacecraft can travel faster than the speed of light. He can be in places on the other side of the earth instantaneously! That is the SuperPower of Squirrel Telepathy! WOW!  And his roly poly reindeers travel via orbs of light.

Besides delivering gifts and good cheer, on every visit to earth beings,  Santa Nut seeds every location with the enlightened frequencies of Unconditional Love.  You may have noticed that more and more people have been reaching "awakened" states of consciousness.  This is a direct result of Santa Nut's work.  Being an enlightened Master himself, (in fact he is the reincarnation of Chuang Tzu), he is able to work 'round the clock to facilitate the Great Shift!

So this year, instead of milk and cookies under the tree, please do remember to leave a nice assortment of pecans, hazelnuts and striped sunflower seeds for this mysterious round squirrel in his red stocking cap.  And have yourself a warm and cozy Christmas!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Silence is Golden

Mr.Nut enjoying quiet time on the lawn.

Just the other day, Mr.Nut and I were enjoying our morning meditation outside.  It was the perfect temperature and he was enjoying smelling the grass after all the rain we've had.
No words were spoken between us. Only the sounds of birds chirping, the water sprinkler, and the rustle of trees could be heard.  And nothing more was needed.

Silence can be so very satisfying, but not many humans really give it a fair chance.  Typically, if there isn't the sound of a radio or TV somewhere in the background, people tend to become uncomfortable. That's usually because they are not comfortable with their own thoughts and feelings.  Having the TV or radio constantly playing is one way to avoid being intimate with yourself. And this is the main reason why people feel lonely.

Mr.Nut expounds on the beauty and satisfaction of silence.
Whether he is inside on his cat tree, outside in the big cage, or enjoying the front lawn with me, he insists on silence.
And as a result, I have come to enjoy the true contentment of just "being".

If there is anything that squirrels teach best, I would say it is the value of silence.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Heart Wisdom

Mr.Nut traveling through the Cosmos

People always ask me... how does Mr.Nut know what he knows?  He always gives the perfect answers to all the questions asked!

First of all, I have to say that Mr.Nut is not your typical squirrel.  He has been preparing for many incarnations to come back in this time on earth to assist with the transformation of human consciousness.  You may be familiar with one of his past lives as
Chuang Tzu, (399 - 295 B.C.).
Chuang Tzu took the Taoist position of Lao Tzu and developed it further. His writing is at once transcendental while at the same time being deeply immersed in everyday life. He is at peace while at the same time moving through the world. And so it is again in this incarnation as Mr.Nut!

Mr.Nut was born alongside two brothers... Sweet Pea and Bucky.  Their nest came down in a cold, rainy February of 2012.  His brothers were found still huddled together in the nest, but Mr.Nut was not discovered until a full 24 hours later, barely moving, wet and cold on the ground.
From this harsh beginning on the planet, Mr.Nut learned to go within and rest in the One Squirrel Heart in order to survive!  And he has always been somewhat 'different' in his demeanor and actions.  He is soft, kind, compassionate and a font of limitless wisdom!

Even as a small squirrel child, you can witness his intensity:

Mr.Nut has always lived simultaneously in different dimensions.  He has the ability to connect with beings all over the Cosmos and so is able to assist humans to experience profound heart openings!

It gives Mr.Nut great pleasure to share his wisdom. He is generous with his love and enjoys all tenderness offered to him.  He is friendly to all and will not hesitate to bury a nut under your feet or at your collar.  He has no interest in owning anything.  He simply radiates squirrelove to all!

Mr.Nut's life is the evidence of Truth.

Mr.Nut's prayer is that all beings discover that the LOVE they are searching for...  is already there inside their heart!

Om Shanti Om! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

You ARE love.

The Darshan of Sri Nut

For anyone who has rescued a baby squirrel,
nurtured and loved them, a radical change of heart
 is experienced.
There is an awakening to a bigger love
than most humans are typically aware of.
 This love I call 'squirrelove', but in actuality
 it is the ONE HEART that includes all beings.
It is one's true Self.... which is pure love.

This is not the human romantic kind of love
that is spoken of here.  Mr.Nut says that humans
 don't really know this BIG love because they
tend to try to "hold on" to people and animals
that they love. He says that the ONE HEART
doesn't need to hold onto anyone because
there is no other place they can be...
except IN the ONE HEART.

Mr.Nut says it is the very helplessness of a baby squirrel that touches us so deeply. It is their innocent trust in life that is so attractive. There are not even words to describe this experience because it is so incredible. Most often there are just tears of gratitude for this beautiful happening.
Sri Nut watching a Mooji satsang.

This is the great lesson we can learn from the little
 squirrels that come into our lives.  We can learn to
love and let go as needed.  We don't require our
children to live with us their entire lives... we in
fact encourage them to go out into the world when
they have grown up.  On the other hand, we want
to hold onto these little squirrels for as long as
possible because the love they give us is like no
other love... it is purely unconditional.  It is not a
smothering kind of love, but rather a detached love
that has no requirements of us.  They are teaching
us about impersonal love.

Mr.Nut says this is what Awakening is all about.
To find out that you don't NEED love, but rather
that you ARE love is the greatest understanding.
And this is the very reason why little squirrels
come into our lives!