Monday, December 31, 2012

Wisdom of the Satsquirrel

The third eye chakra is believed to be the channel through which humankind opens spiritually to the Divine. The red powder known as kumkum is placed at this point to keep out negative thoughts.  In this photo you can see the face of little Muffin, a sat-squirrel, resting at this chakra.  His job, like the kumkum, is to keep the mind clear of negative thinking.  That is one thing you can always be sure of... little squirrels never entertain any negative thoughts!  (Actually they don't have any thoughts at all.)

    Mr.Nut, my satsquirrel, reminds me to rest and allow everything to be as it is. In a recent satsang, Mr.Nut relayed the details of the Buddha's awakening.  He said that in his feverish quest for enlightenment, the Buddha practically wore himself out with hundreds of sadhanas and austere practices.  On that particular day, approximately 2500 years ago, he finally reached that place of surrender; he realized that he could not reach enlightenment by his own "doing". Tired and exhausted, he sat down under the Bodhi tree.  A little satsquirrel resting on a branch just above his head, whispered to Gautama... "Just rest as the looking"!

Most people don't realize that is how the Buddha became enlightened!  It was because of this direct transmission of Cosmic consciousness from the little squirrel in the Bodhi tree. Today there are literally thousands of satsquirrels working round the clock to awaken humanity!  

And if you are lucky enough, a little squirrel might just bless you with wisdom when you sit under his tree!  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LOVE... too big to hold on to!

Mr.Nut Guiding Light

Today Mr.Nut is running all over the living room and jumping against the front door wanting to go outside.  His brothers, Sweet Pea and Bucky (II) are settled in the neighborhood and come back for food and water and the occasional nap in the release cage.  It is mid December and we haven't really gotten to the cold weather yet.  Since he needs to spend 3 to 4 weeks in the release cage prior to full freedom, I can't really do that until the winter is over.

I am now clearly seeing my attachment to this sweet sweet soul, my beloved Mr.Nut.  At this same time a year ago, I was facing the death of my beloved Bucky squirrel.  He left this earth on Christmas Eve;  a tumor called an odontoma invaded his sinus cavity and he could no longer breathe. When Bucky flew back to the Sun, I experienced the vastness of LOVE and had the experience that no one can ever leave...
consciousness never dies!

Isn't it interesting how LOVE is just too big to hold on to? I can't hold on to Mr.Nut... he is LOVE in a little squirrel body and he goes with the flow.  And it looks like the flow is for him to join his brothers outside...

We just never know how long we have with anyone...  a friend, a spouse, a beloved animal, a baby squirrel! That's a great reason to be totally present with them when they are beside us and let them know how much we love them!

I know the time is short for Mr.Nut to be living in the house with me and I am grateful every night when I tuck him in and rub his furry belly!  Ah... to be this intimate with a little squirrel is HEAVEN!...



Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Wisdom Light of Mr.Nut

The best teachers are those who show you where to look,
but don't tell you what to see.   ~Alexandra K.Trenfor

Every morning I wake up and feel so much gratitude for the gift of living with this amazing squirrel teacher! 
Mr.Nut may not say a word, 
but he speaks volumes through his actions.
He is tender, forthright, generous, and kind. He  has more integrity in the tip of his ear than many people practice in their whole life. When he sets his sight on a goal,
he sticks with it until it's accomplished.

Mr.Nut's brothers, Sweet Pea and Bucky are currently visiting the release cage outside the front door.  They are integrating into the neighborhood and come back for food and water and the occasional nap.  Since the cage is mostly empty, I give Mr.Nut the choice to play in it. And also to see if he would actually prefer to be outside. However, today he made it clear that he was perfectly content to relax upon his favorite perch, on top of the bookshelf next to the front door.  He is teaching me how to be still and just enjoy the present moment!

Mr.Nut is a master of surrender!  Sometimes when he sleeps, he lays belly up, exposing his tender side.

I rub his furry belly and he relaxes even further. He demonstrates such sweet vulnerbility and the ease of trusting in the flow of life. 

Lately Mr.Nut has been hanging out at the door and the window sills. A few times he has lunged at the screen door and it seems he is wanting to move outide.  Just the thought of him leaving weighs heavy on my heart. I love Mr.Nut like no other and I fear it's time for me to let go and allow him his freedom. I am seeing how attached I've become to this sweet being!  It was about a year ago that I said goodbye to Bucky and I didn't think I would ever love another squirrel like I loved him.  And yet, less than 2 months after Bucky died, I was brought a fallen nest of baby squirrels which included Mr.Nut! 

Just yesterday I received this awesome video of Byron Katie called "Dying Into Love".  It's exactly what I needed to hear as I contemplate my love for Mr.Nut and what "LOVE" really means:

All is LOVE

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the Eye of a Squirrel

                 Seeing God in the Eye of Toofie Squirrel

We live in auspicious times! So many things that were hidden are now being found!  You may or may not be familiar with some ancient texts called the Nag Hammadi Library.  One of the books in this text is called the Gospel of Thomas.

 In 1897 and 1903, three ancient fragments from Greek versions of the Gospel of Thomas were discovered during archeological excavations on the site of an ancient town in Egypt, eventually recovering over 5000 fragments of ancient Greek texts.  The Nag Hammadi discovery in 1945 unearthed a complete and well-preserved version of the Gospel of Thomas in Coptic and made it possible to definitely identify the fragments from a lost Greek edition of the gospel.  In this lost book is found some pretty awesome quotations: 

"The kingdom of God is within you and all about you,
 not in a mansion of wood and stone.  Cleave a piece of wood and God is there, lift a stone and you 
will find God." vs.77

His disciples said to Him,"When will the Kingdom come?" Jesus said, "It will not come by waiting for it. It will not be a matter of saying, 'Here it is' or 'There it is'. Rather,
 the Kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth,
 and men do not see it." vs.113

While I was researching the Gospel of Thomas, Mr.Nut brought to my attention another text that was found earlier this year.  Mr.Nut told me an Italian tourist was visiting Jerusalem and decided to check out the Dead Sea. He booked a room at the Tulip Inn Dead Sea Hotel and spent three days walking along the shore of the Dead Sea. On the third day, he noticed an old bottle that had washed up and had gotten stuck in the sand. To his utter astonishment, inside the bottle, he found an ancient text called  الانجيل من السنجاب which is Arabic for "Gospel of Squirrel".
 I personally think it had been preserved by the Dead Sea Squirrels all these years.

  My feeling is that the squirrels were trying to help preserve these wisdom texts for a later time in history when people could actually understand what was written.  Here are a couple of the quotes:

"The KIngdom of God is within you and all around you, not in a mansion of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and God is there.  Look into the eye of a squirrel and you will find God there also." 

"The foxes have their holes and the squirrels have their nests, but the son of man has no place to lay his head and rest."

"If you have money, do not lend it at interest, but give it to one from whom you will not get it back.  Better yet, purchase sacks of nuts and feed your squirrels."

"The KIngdom of God is spread out over the entire earth.  Men do not see it, but squirrels see it and know it.  The day will come when squirrels will teach men about the Kingdom of God and in that day men will awaken."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Losing the Moon

Mr.Nut on the Moon

Since Mr.Nut has resumed resting happily inside the house these days, he's started channelling amazing squirrel wisdom again.  His brothers, Sweet Pea and Bucky are currently in the outdoor cage acclimating to the sounds and weather and awaiting their release into the neighborhood later this week.

This morning while I was enjoying my morning coffee, Mr.Nut brought my attention back to Byron Katie's book, "Losing the Moon".  We were enjoying our daily squirrel-bonding  meditation, in which Mr.Nut climbs on my head and graciously infuses squirrelove 

into my crown chakra.

Mr.Nut infusing Squirrel Wisdom

Suddenly Mr.Nut proclaimed,
"There is no moon.
There is no Mr.Nut.
You are the moon.
You are Mr.Nut.
 Before you put your attention on anything,
does it even exist?
Lose the story of the moon and you lose the story of Mr.Nut.
Without the story of Mr.Nut...
... nothing exists but LOVE!

Could it be that he was trying to prepare me to let go?
And yet, there is nothing to hold on to!
Nothing is real...
not even a little squirrel!

I love you Mr.Nut.

 or perhaps it's just "I love".

or maybe just...


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mr.Nut Goes Outside!

Well, inevitably the day arrived when Mr.Nut put his paw down! He has tired of being confined to a small space and has made it very clear to me that it's high time he took the leap into unknown.  Reluctantly, yet knowing in my heart he was right, I put him in the very spacious (8x6x3ft) release cage outside my front door.  Our Texas summer heat precludes a release in the summer months and the weekend cool front coincided with his new interest in expanding his territory. 

The weather cooperated nicely for the first two days.  Mr.Nut had not quite anticipated the difference in environment and seemed quite puzzled with his new, much larger abode.  He just didn't quite know what to make of it. Every new noise seemed to startle him and he spent most of the time hiding in a corner of the cage under some blankets. He did seem relieved whenever I would join him in the cage.  Then we could wrestle and play like before, but now there was so much more space! 

Today on day 4, the temp reached up into the mid-90's and I went out to check up on him around 3pm.  There he was, laying on his back panting very fast and hard, and looking rather uncomfortable. I picked him up (with no resistance from him whatsoever), laid him in his small cage, and brought him into the cool air-conditioned house.  He rested and we played and he seemed relieved to be back inside.

Mr.Nut just hangin' out!

We'll try again when the weather cooperates.... in the meantime, I'll sing a song for Mr.Nut!  I'll bet you know this one:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Amazing Squirrel

Grace of Mr.Nut

Amazing Grace how sweet the squirrel
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found.
A squirrel did rescue me!

T'was a squirrel that taught my heart to feel
A squirrel, my fears relieved.
How precious did that squirrel appear
The hour I first believed!

Amazing Grace, how blessed am I 
To live with a bodhi-squirrel
His constant grace shines on my face
I'm such a lucky girl!

I once assumed that I knew more
Than baby squirrels so sweet
But now I see their wisdom heart
And lay down at their feet.

Amazing squirrel how sweet the soul
That saved a fool like me
I once believed that I knew best 
But now follow my squirrel's lead.

When we've been here ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun;
We've no less days to sing squirrels' praise
Than when we've first begun!

Amazing squirrel how sweet you are
To save a fool like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind but now I see!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hindu Squirrel Deities

I was having my morning coffee with Mr.Nut today and he started telling me about the Hindu Squirrel Deities.  I really had no idea about these amazing squirritual allies!  

Mr.Nut explained that this auspicious year, 2012, is the year of full Awakening into Squirrelbliss for the whole planet!  He says that by December 21st,  juicy squirrel happiness will permeate every single person on earth, with NO ONE LEFT OUT!  

When I asked him how this will be achieved, he told me that we are getting lots of help from the Great Squirrelgod Remover of Obstacles... Buckanesha!

Buckanesha~ Remover of Obstacles
He said that all we have to do is send messages of Squirrelove and Squirrelbliss on the Internet Ganges as often as we can and reach as many people as we can.  We must let them know that Squirrelove is the power and that there is nothing to fear in opening one's heart!  All there is is LOVE!

Mr.Nut told me that Radhatoofie and Krishnutkin are the Squirrelgods that enchant the world and they represent the love affair between the Divine and the devotee. Chants and songs have been written to celebrate the immensity of this devotional love.  

Radhatoofie and Krishnutkin
Mr Nut also explained that Shiva-Earl is known as the destroyer of demons and is the Great Transformer Squirrelgod. She has returned at this time in history to assist in the birth of the Golden Age of Squirrelananda!

Then Mr.Nut got really quiet and I felt that he had left out an important squirrel deity.  In a flash of instantaneous squirrel wisdom, I realized his true identity!  Mr.Nut is none other than the Great Nutshmi... squirrelgod of squirrelopulence

Nutshmi~ deity of Abundant Nuts
All of these Squirrelallies are here to help humankind. Mr.Nut says that the best way to receive all of the many blessings they want to shower upon you is to chant and sing. Please feel free to sing along with the popular squirrel-bhajan below!  Mr.Nut promises that you will feel your heart burst open with Squirreljoy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nothin' But Love!

Hold your squirrel in your arms;
Hold him next to your heart.
Gazing into his eyes,
Feel the Love of the One!

He's a mirror of you;
Gift of Grace from above.
Let him open your heart,
You'll find nothin' but love!

Little squirrel of my heart,
Will you linger awhile?
Let me bask in your Grace;
Taste the peace of your smile!

And although you will go;
Your sweet memory will stay.
For there's no place on earth
That escapes Squirrels' Love Ray!

So for now I will rest
In the joy of Squirrelove;
And I know I am blest
By the squirrel stars above!

Yes, for now I will rest
In the bliss of Squirrelove;
Since you've opened my heart...
I've found nothin' but LOVE!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Egyptian Squirrel Rulers

King Nut
As I was searching in my squirrel archives for a photo of the Squirrel King of Longview, Mr.Nut nonchalantly informed me of the many great Egyptian squirrel rulers of days gone by!
He confessed of his incarnation as King Nut and that he had been the son of Buckenaten.

Pharoah Buckenaten

Mr.Nut also informed me that his father and his mother, Nefertoofie, were known for a religious revolution in which
they worshipped one god only, Aten, the sun disc.

I find it so interesting that in the Mayan story of creation, it was a squirrel that built an altar to the Sun and was considered his companion!  And did you know that King Nut's wet nurse was called Maya?


Friday, August 3, 2012

Squirrel Oracle

Mr.Nut at Delphi

Have you been receiving communications from the squirrels lately? Right now as we get closer to Dec. 21st, 2012 an incredible expansion of consciousness is happening on the planet and the little squirrels are pulling out all the stops!
The truth is emerging regarding ancient squirrel wisdom that was either hidden from the masses or  transcribed incorrectly. You may recognize these famous wisdom quotes:

"Be the squirrel you want to see in the world."
"Do what you love and the squirrels will follow."
"Follow your squirrel."
"I behold the squirrel in you."
"The Way is not difficult for the squirrel;
for he is without preferences."
"Great understanding comes with great squirrelove."
"Know thy squirrel."
"Behind every great man or woman is a great squirrel!"

People get upset when they see a squirrel digging in their garden or potted flowers.
Squirrel message: Are you digging into other people's dirt?
Remember there are three kinds of business... mine, yours, and the squirrels'. Being in someone else's business is how you create your own suffering.

People complain that the squirrels are eating the fruit off 'their' fruit trees.
Squirrel message: Are you sharing your good fortune with others? Are you willing to be of benefit to other beings?

People get angry when they see the squirrels eating the bird's seed.
Squirrel message: Believe it or not, squirrels and birds don't have a sense of ownership. Possession is a human phenomenon... it requires having an identity.  The squirrels and birds have no such concept and they just eat whatever is there to eat.  In fact the eating is just happening automatically... there is no "doer"; and certainly there is no "owner".

Could it be that the squirrels are here to enlighten us? Perhaps humans would all be a lot happier if they didn't get so caught up in 
"mine" vs. "yours".
You might remember this quote from the bible regarding wealth:
"It is easier for a squirrel to go through the eye of a needle
than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All the Answers Are in Your Heart

You may be wondering how Mr.Nut can have all
the answers to all your sundry questions!  
It's so simple!
Mr.Nut is your heart in squirrel form.
Whenever you ask Mr.Nut, 
you are actually allowing the 
wisdom of the One Squirrel Heart
to come forth!
Mr.Nut doesn't have any concepts, ideas, 
or judgements.  He rests in "no mind"! 
And from that pure space... 
wisdom proliferates!
Please do feel free to send 
a friend request to Mrs.Nut
(Julie Squirrelady Gallagher)  
and post your questions on her wall!
Then check back for Mr.Nuts' response!
Then, just rest in squirrelove!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Shining Awareness

Mr.Nut quotes the Ashkavatra Gita
Shining is my essential nature, and I am nothing
over and beyond that.  When the world shines forth,
it is simply me shining forth.

How wonderful I am! Glory to me, solitary even 
though with a body, neither going nor coming anywhere, I who abide forever, filling all that is.

How wonderful I am! Glory to me! There is no one
so clever as me! I who have borne all that is forever, without even touching it with my body!

Truly dualism is the root of suffering. There is 
no other remedy for it than the realization that all 
this that we see is unreal, and that I am the one
stainless reality, consisting of consciousness.

I do not even see dualism in a crowd of people, 
so what would I gain by replacing it with a wilderness? 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Squirrel Transmission

Every squirrel is established immovably in the Transcendent. They are not caught up in any identity... they just rest in spaciousness.
We humans also come in completely empty... completely spacious, just like a squirrel.  However, because a squirrel doesn't use words, he experiences this spaciousness his whole life and remains free. Like the squirrels,  the Indian sage Ramana Maharshi also revered silence!

Ramana Maharshi with his squirrel friend

Words divide up the Oneness into 'this' and 'that'.  Without words, there is just the whole.  The squirrels have agreed never to talk in order to hold a morphogenic field of Oneness that supports humanity in awakening!  Just gaze into the eyes of a little squirrel and you will remember who you are.... Divine Beingness. This Beingness is what pervades everything and absolutely nothing is separate from it.  To rest in Beingness, rather than giving power to various points of view, is the secret of a squirrels' bliss! This is what the little squirrels are here to teach us!

Every squirrels' heart is full of sunlight. The Mayans believed that the squirrel was the Sun's companion and guided him across the sky on his first journey and built an altar to him in the West.  This explains why whenever you see a drawing of a squirrel in Mayan artifacts, there will always be an emblem of the Sun emblazoned on it's head! This symbolizes the squirrels' destiny of guarding Cosmic consciousness. 

The increase in people's awareness of squirrelove is growing every day!  Isn't it amazing that there are increasing numbers of Squirrel groups on Facebook?  And if you go to YouTube you will find hundreds of squirrel videos that people all over the globe are generously sharing with everyone! The squirrels' job of guarding Cosmic consciousness is bearing great fruit.  Many thanks to all our squirrel messengers!  

Squirrels of Wisdom
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Play It Forward

Mr.Nut told me this morning that the whole concept of "paying it forward" was originally conceived by a Mama squirrel. You see, from time immemorial, baby squirrels have always been taught by their mums to bury at least three nuts for the other squirrels in their neighborhood. And then the three squirrels that found those nuts would of course bury three more nuts for three more squirrels! Well in no time, you see, every squirrel had more than enough to eat!


This concept was beautifully portrayed in the movie "Pay It Forward".  Mr.Nut assures me that the Mama squirrels taught their young to "play it forward" since in a squirrels' world, everything is PLAY!  
Mr.Nut also confided in me that the popular saying,
"Practice Random Acts of Kindness" 
was originally taught by squirrel mothers the world over as:
 "Play Random Acts of Squirreluminosity!"

Now, since little squirrels don't use "words", they communicate telepathically to children and to 'squirrel whisperers' to get their message out to the world!  2012 is the time for remembering who we are! It is the time of the "Return of the Squirrel" to nudge open our hearts to:

Return Of The Squirrel from julian davies on Vimeo.

Be the squirrel you want to see in the world!