Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Squirrel Transmission

Every squirrel is established immovably in the Transcendent. They are not caught up in any identity... they just rest in spaciousness.
We humans also come in completely empty... completely spacious, just like a squirrel.  However, because a squirrel doesn't use words, he experiences this spaciousness his whole life and remains free. Like the squirrels,  the Indian sage Ramana Maharshi also revered silence!

Ramana Maharshi with his squirrel friend

Words divide up the Oneness into 'this' and 'that'.  Without words, there is just the whole.  The squirrels have agreed never to talk in order to hold a morphogenic field of Oneness that supports humanity in awakening!  Just gaze into the eyes of a little squirrel and you will remember who you are.... Divine Beingness. This Beingness is what pervades everything and absolutely nothing is separate from it.  To rest in Beingness, rather than giving power to various points of view, is the secret of a squirrels' bliss! This is what the little squirrels are here to teach us!

Every squirrels' heart is full of sunlight. The Mayans believed that the squirrel was the Sun's companion and guided him across the sky on his first journey and built an altar to him in the West.  This explains why whenever you see a drawing of a squirrel in Mayan artifacts, there will always be an emblem of the Sun emblazoned on it's head! This symbolizes the squirrels' destiny of guarding Cosmic consciousness. 

The increase in people's awareness of squirrelove is growing every day!  Isn't it amazing that there are increasing numbers of Squirrel groups on Facebook?  And if you go to YouTube you will find hundreds of squirrel videos that people all over the globe are generously sharing with everyone! The squirrels' job of guarding Cosmic consciousness is bearing great fruit.  Many thanks to all our squirrel messengers!  

Squirrels of Wisdom
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