Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Thank you Admiral Nut!

I had a long talk with Admiral Nut this morning. Or rather, I should say, he had a long talk with me. I was getting so worried about not having enough money to pay bills 
and eat, etc, and Mr.Nut reminded me of this:

Please don't worry! 
 I am looking out for you and for all the squirrel friends. 
I have been traveling around the globe 
and it is quite shocking really. There are people in Africa 
who live on less than a dollar a day! 
There are people who don't have a roof over their heads! There are squirrels that are being hunted and mistreated. 

     You have no idea how good you have it 
even when you don't have enough or can't pay the bills. 
On those days, please just look at all you DO have 
and say "thank you" to the Universe. 
When you continue to give thanks, 
the Universe continues to bless you. 

And NEVER be afraid!  
When you take care of the little squirrels 
and other creatures, the Universe promises 
to take care of you!  
Squirrels' Honor!! 
We love you very much!

Admiral Nut, signing off now. 
Be happy!