Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lovers of the Universe

This morning, Muffinheart and I were doing a little squirrel-play and suddenly he shared some very sweet wisdom.
through squirrel telepathy, he told me that all day long, the only thing that squirrels do, from sun-up to sun-down is
"They Make Love!"
It took me a minute to really grok what he was saying...
He went on:  "All we do is make love to the nuts, when we eat them, and we make love to the earth when we bury the nuts in the ground.  Notice, we tap the earth ever so gently, and with each tap we are kissing the earth with squirrelove.
When we climb a tree, we make love to the trunk and the branches and the bark.  When I look in your eyes, I make love to who you really are-- your true essence, your innermost heart.
Basically, what Muffin was explaining to me in "squirrel-speak" was that everything that little squirrels do, they do as lovers of the Universe.  They have no fear and so their love is pure and strong.  Not everyone can be around squirrels and it takes sensitive beings to really understand what they are trying to teach humanity.

Muffinheart making Love via Gazing

Then I went outside to see what Mr.Nut had to say. He had been very quiet in the last couple of days.
"Mr.Nut, can you tell me about how squirrels love?" I asked.
Like Muffinheart, he spoke telepathically and directly into my heart.  He said he had been quietly traveling and sharing love to those in need. For example, he explained that he was there by George's side yesterday. George, a beloved squirrel friend, left his body to join the One Squirrel Heart.  Mr.Nut said it can be somewhat overwhelming to emerge from such a small body and experience again the immensity of the entire Cosmos! So when George was letting go of his breath, Mr.Nut was there to give comfort. Whenever a little squirrel "dies", other squirrels always gather around to give encouragement.
Mr.Nut doesn't like the word "die" because he says it's not really true.  A squirrel never really "dies";  they just drop their "squirrel-form" and join the formless and mighty One.
Humans tend to have trouble understanding this and can feel very alone when their squirrel companion leaves their body. But soon, in time, they realize that the "departed" one never really went anywhere.  And often you will see them simply as beautiful orbs OR streams of radiant light.

A special friend visiting Mr.Nut

So you see... there really is no end to squirrelove.  Like Muffin explained earlier, all the little squirrels are simply the lovers of the Universe.  He says, "And we come to teach the humans that LOVE can never die... it's what you ARE!"

Here is a beautiful photo of a close friend... she came back to see Pucy Pie and Nutkin.

Sweet visitation.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Squirrels' Secret to Satisfying Sleep

Professor Nut can sleep anywhere, anytime.

Lately there have been many folks inquiring about  Mr.Nut's ability to sleep so soundly and peacefully.  So I asked Mr.Nut to share his sleep secrets. What follows are words straight from the "squirrel's mouth":

~ Preparations for Sleep ~
1. Have a bedtime snack, preferably a light one such as a blueberry or a piece of watermelon.
2. If you have any sticky parts on your body, wash with warm water.  You will feel much more comfortable then.
3. Make sure your blankets are fresh and clean and the room is dark.
4. If you live with someone, get them to rub your tummy and behind your ears. Lots of kisses are also very welcome.

~ Now You Are Ready ~

 Close your eyes and let yourself rest in the space of squirreluminosity.  This is the pure space of juicy squirrel happiness and infinite squirrelove.  It is important to understand that this space is inside of you and outside of you. In fact, there is no place that squirreluminosity is not.
It pervades everything and everyone and is of pure benefit and goodwill.  There is nothing to do now, but to just let go and trust in the One Squirrel Heart. 

Mr.Nut in Peaceful Sleep

Good Night All!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Abundant Life

Got Nuts?

OK... Mr.Nut has asked me to write this post to clarify something about squirrels.  Mr.Nut is currently teaching a course called "Facebook Etiquette for Posting Comments". One of the topics covered is the use of labels when referring to squirrels. In this post we will consider the label "BEGGAR".

I have heard people toss around the word "little beggars" when they refer to the precious squirrels that show up, asking for food.  I doubt that anyone really thinks about this rude accusation.  Let me explain...

We humans are the ones that are the real beggars; we live amidst bounty and believe we don't have enough. We take on the belief that we have to earn every penny and work hard to live here on the planet. We were all brainwashed in this regard from the time we were children.  So we grow up and cop an attitude that working hard is something to be proud of and we even take pride in working excessively to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads.  Humans are the ONLY species that pay to live on earth!

Now, reflect upon the brilliance of the little squirrels.  They don't have this erroneous concept.  They do not differentiate between work and play.  Yet, they do indeed work hard... they plant trees that give us the oxygen to breathe and nuts to eat, and they take care of their young and teach them how to survive.   Yes, they will come over and ask for some food when nuts are not in season; but they are far from "beggars".  They are our teachers: they are here to wake us up to the Truth.  Notice that they don't pay rent... they don't pay for food.  Squirrels sit in the lap of the Divine! 
Squirrels never left paradise!
They live the abundant life and if we weren't programmed from early on, we would know how to do that, too. 
So it's high time we gave them the honor and the respect they deserve!

Perhaps instead of the word "beggar" we should be using  the title "precious beings" or "beloved friends".

Listen to this amazing video by Gian Girardi, creator of the Brain Optimization Institute of California.  
In this video, he discusses the true meaning of abundance. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Living Cosmic Treasure

Mr.Nut is a Cosmic Treasure

You've probably heard of the term "national treasure".  It is typically defined as a shared cultural asset of a nation. To give an example, a national treasure may be a medieval manuscript or even a famous cultural property.  On the other hand, a medicine woman or a skilled flute player could also be considered a 'living national treasure'.

With that said, it has recently come into my awareness that our Mr.Nut, is in fact a Living Cosmic Treasure!
Commander Nut is head of Squirrel Galactica, the overarching cosmic squirrel mission to assist planet earth in this time of radical transformation.  He works diligently every night as he travels horizontally, visiting distant galaxies and solar systems, and then vertically, as he moves freely through the many dimensions.

Many people ask, how is it possible that Mr.Nut is capable of such a rigorous dharma?  The answer is simple.  Mr.Nut is not your ordinary squirrel. He is a magnificent being of pure conscious awareness.  He embodies pure LOVE which is named in spiritual circles as: Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, unity consciousness, and many others.  His purity is unparalleled and so he is able to keep the entire Cosmos in perfect balance.  What a privilege it is to be able to live with such a treasure! 

The Wisdom of Mr.Nut
Most people don't realize that when a squirrel is rescued but is unable to be released due to physical or mental disabilities, it doesn't mean that the squirrel is incompetent. In fact, it is the extreme opposite.  These "NR" squirrels are some of the most intelligent and highly evolved cosmic beings on the planet today.  The Nameless One has deemed it necessary to work incognito via little squirrels in order to successfully manage the transformation of the planet, as we humans have basically trashed our poor Mother Earth.
Therefore it is of utmost importance to protect and nurture these living treasures!  Anyone who has the incredible privilege to share a home with one of these amazing squirrels should know they have been highly blessed. It is an honor to be given such a holy dharma.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

What is Squirreluminosity?

Mr.Nut, Squirrel Buddha

Today Mr.Nut wants to talk about' squirreluminosity'. It's way more than a description of a squirrel's light body. Squirreluminosity is the universal all-encompassing 'beingness' of the One Squirrel Heart. Squirreluminosity is another word for Christ-consciousness, Buddha-consciousness, Oneness, All That Is, the Tao, and Great Mystery to name a few.

Squirreluminosity is the level of consciousness that earthlings aspire to. Someone who is 'squirreluminous' is also known as 'awakened' or 'enlightened'.    To act from the One Squirrel Heart in all circumstances is to act with compassion.

So what does this mean on a practical every day level?  It means to respond from the quiet place in the heart rather than with a knee-jerk reaction from the ego-mind.  It means to keep quiet at times when  a harsh word would act like a grenade.  It means to forget grievances and remember the blessings.  

The Bliss of Sri NutJi

Mr.Nut wants to remind everyone that nothing is personal.  When someone seemingly "hurts" another, it has everything to do with the story that is playing in that person's head.  And if you believed the same thoughts that person is believing, you would do exactly what they are doing.  It's really that simple.  It's our own imagination that makes every situation worse than it is. 

That's why the best policy is to "just stop".  Be like a little squirrel... don't think.... just "BE".  And you will find you have much more PEACE in your life!