Thursday, January 15, 2015

What is Squirreluminosity?

Mr.Nut, Squirrel Buddha

Today Mr.Nut wants to talk about' squirreluminosity'. It's way more than a description of a squirrel's light body. Squirreluminosity is the universal all-encompassing 'beingness' of the One Squirrel Heart. Squirreluminosity is another word for Christ-consciousness, Buddha-consciousness, Oneness, All That Is, the Tao, and Great Mystery to name a few.

Squirreluminosity is the level of consciousness that earthlings aspire to. Someone who is 'squirreluminous' is also known as 'awakened' or 'enlightened'.    To act from the One Squirrel Heart in all circumstances is to act with compassion.

So what does this mean on a practical every day level?  It means to respond from the quiet place in the heart rather than with a knee-jerk reaction from the ego-mind.  It means to keep quiet at times when  a harsh word would act like a grenade.  It means to forget grievances and remember the blessings.  

The Bliss of Sri NutJi

Mr.Nut wants to remind everyone that nothing is personal.  When someone seemingly "hurts" another, it has everything to do with the story that is playing in that person's head.  And if you believed the same thoughts that person is believing, you would do exactly what they are doing.  It's really that simple.  It's our own imagination that makes every situation worse than it is. 

That's why the best policy is to "just stop".  Be like a little squirrel... don't think.... just "BE".  And you will find you have much more PEACE in your life! 

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