Sunday, September 18, 2016

If You Meet the Buddha in the tree....

Sri Muffinheart

There is a saying, "If you meet the Buddha on the road,
kill him."

This sounds so harsh, but all it means is that one shouldn't attach to a teacher... no matter how worthy or wise that teacher might be.  For me, that teacher was my beloved Muffinheart.  He was my little bodhisattva squirrel... my little buddha in a furry body.  He taught me to meditate... he taught me what "true love" is.   He gave me the experience of dissolving in the bliss of his gaze.  I have no words to describe the exquisite relationship I have with him.  He was here in the physical for 4 years and now he communicates with me in his formlessness.
What Grace is this!

So today, sitting in his room, while Pucy Pie chews on Muffin's deer antlers, he speaks directly from my heart.  He reminds me to just let go of his form and rest in his love... the love that is always present.  That love is not "his" per se,  but is the backdrop that gives rise to us all.

So the challenge is to realize that the "love" that I associated with Muffin is not limited to his form! That love is the totality that gave birth to the physical Muffin.  The good news is that that love cannot be lost... cannot disappear.  
Only the physical form can end... not the love that animated that form.  And so the admonition to "kill the buddha", simple reminds us to let go of our attachment to the physical form and relax and breathe in and embrace that 'squirrelove' that animates us all!  

Love loves to love!