Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Mystery

This morning Mr.Nut told me,
"I don't pretend anything. I'm a little squirrel.  That's it."

He went on, "Humans pretend a lot.  They pretend 
to be separate from each other and from other animals. 
 We squirrels know that we are just part of Great Mystery.  

Humans have forgotten.  That's why they are always hurting!  
You can't hurt when you know you are part of Great Mystery because you know you are always held in the arms of LOVE."

What is.... is LOVE.  This is what there is before you divide it up and even after you divide it up.  The problem is that when you divide up love into this and that, then you start to compare, compete, and try to get rid of things you don't like.  But guess what?  There's only the ONE which includes everything!  So it is truly impossible to get rid of anything!

Everything is included because LOVE is inclusive!  There is no thing that is not love!  What to do?


Mr.Nut asked me to include this prayer.  He calls it
"The Squirrels' Prayer"

If you start feeling like you are separate, 
say this aloud!  
You ARE the love you've been looking for!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meditation is a non-doing!

Everything is meditation!  Whenever you bring your full, undivided attention to a task.... you are meditating! Then you have no concerns because the "you" disappears.  The task is just happening on its own!

People think it's only meditation when you sit quietly and focus on your breathing.  This is only one way.  The trouble with humans is they spend most of their time thinking about the past or the future and very little time in the present.

We squirrels are always in the NOW... so we are always present!   For us squirrels,  there is nothing that is not meditation because we never think about what we are doing...  the nut burying, running, playing...  it's all happening automatically!

     Squirrels just live their lives.  They don't remember the past or worry about the future!  Humans think that squirrels
remember where they bury a nut... but that's really not so.
We bury our nuts all over and whenever we get hungry we just sniff one out... it may or may not be the one we buried! But that's ok!

Squirrels don't believe in "ownership" like humans do.  The earth, the trees, the nuts... it all belongs to everybody!  That way, there's no stress over any of it because everything is shared!

Mr.Nut says if you get caught up in worry, then just be a squirrel for a day and you will experience perfect relaxation!  

You can call it squirrel meditation if you like!

Nothing to do and no one to do it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Squirrels Will Save The World

Mr.Nut loves this song!

Mr.Nut wants you to listen to this amazing song from our Swedish friend Den Lilla Ekorren.  He is a mystic and a brilliant singer-songwriter:  

Mr.Nut is saying exactly what Den Lilla Ekorren is saying:
"There is no such thing as evil"!
is simply
And words are just words...
we squirrels don't use them at all!
All you have to do is recognize 
your own little 
"inner squirrel"...
And you too will live
 in peace!
Mr.Nut wants to sing this song to everyone:

Everything Is All Right

Mr.Nut told me that squirrels don't really experience illness the way we (humans) do.  Even if a squirrel has a broken leg or a bitten-off tail, you won't ever find them moping around feeling sorry for themselves.  They just go with whatever is happening. In a squirrels' world, everything is perfectly fine as it is!

From an outside (dualistic) perspective, where you have a subject and object (squirrel and human), a squirrel may appear to have a physical infirmity.  But from the squirrel's point of view, he doesn't. Mr.Nut says that squirrels are ONE with everything. They live a nondual experience.

Years ago, a little squirrel showed up one day at the trail where I had just finished a run. This little girl was covered with big bloody growths.  From my perspective, she had a disease and I wanted to trap her and treat her sores with Vitamin E.  Alas, she was too fast to catch.  I sat down and observed her in silence and I heard "Just give her Reiki".

Reiki is universal life force energy which is whole (not dual) and is appropriate in all circumstances.  Reiki sees everything as perfect just as it is.

So for the next few months, Floppity (I called her Floppity because her ears were flopped over with the weight of a growth on each ear!) showed up every day at the same time for pecans.  I blessed the pecans with Reiki before I gave them to her.  Then as she sat in front of me eating them, I sent her Reiki.  I would say to her, "Floppity, you are a perfect squirrel.  You are perfectly well."

Floppity never missed a day and in just about 2 months time, all of the growths dried up and fell off her body.  Then her hair grew in those places and she looked like every other squirrel!  The only tell-tale sign was her "half-ears". She lived for many years after that and gave the earth many squirrel children!  

It was a squirrel miracle!

A squirrel has a real advantage over humans in the area of physical wellness.  They are perfectly happy with what is...
and when you don't argue with reality, you live stress-free  and that is the best environment for healing!

Mr.Nut says that's why squirrels are here~
to demonstrate the ease of living a nondual reality!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Thinking is really not necessary to be happy.
In fact, it is much easier to feel joyful and carefree when thinking is not happening.
Thinking activities include analyzing, judging, comparing, and figuring things out.

Mr.Nut in "no-thought".

In his life as Chuang Tzu (c.360 BC - c.275 BC),
Mr.Nut has stated:
" To exercise no-thought and rest in nothing is the first step toward resting in Tao.  To start from nowhere and follow no road is the first step toward attaining Tao."  

Mr.Nut says that squirrels are the oldest Taoists on the earth. Since they don't use words, they would never assign a label to their species: "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao"!
However, since Taoism is defined as "living in harmony with the source of all that exists", it seems obvious that there could be no more accurate description for the way squirrels live!

In reading the quotes of Chuang Tzu, you can really see how  his life as a sage was the perfect precursor to his life as Mr.Nut.  In the following quote, he applauds the one who has "forgotten all words" (the squirrels):

"The purpose of fish traps is to catch fish.  When the fish are caught, the traps are forgotten.  The purpose of rabbit snares is to catch rabbits.  When the rabbits are caught, the snares are forgotten.  The purpose of words is to convey ideas.  When the ideas are grasped, the words are forgotten. Where is the man who has forgotten all words.  He is the one I would like to speak with.

Someone who has forgotten all words could be the daring one.... the one who has no fear of appearing as a fool! Could it be the one in the video below?