Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Mystery

This morning Mr.Nut told me,
"I don't pretend anything. I'm a little squirrel.  That's it."

He went on, "Humans pretend a lot.  They pretend 
to be separate from each other and from other animals. 
 We squirrels know that we are just part of Great Mystery.  

Humans have forgotten.  That's why they are always hurting!  
You can't hurt when you know you are part of Great Mystery because you know you are always held in the arms of LOVE."

What is.... is LOVE.  This is what there is before you divide it up and even after you divide it up.  The problem is that when you divide up love into this and that, then you start to compare, compete, and try to get rid of things you don't like.  But guess what?  There's only the ONE which includes everything!  So it is truly impossible to get rid of anything!

Everything is included because LOVE is inclusive!  There is no thing that is not love!  What to do?


Mr.Nut asked me to include this prayer.  He calls it
"The Squirrels' Prayer"

If you start feeling like you are separate, 
say this aloud!  
You ARE the love you've been looking for!

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