Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Silence is Golden

Mr.Nut enjoying quiet time on the lawn.

Just the other day, Mr.Nut and I were enjoying our morning meditation outside.  It was the perfect temperature and he was enjoying smelling the grass after all the rain we've had.
No words were spoken between us. Only the sounds of birds chirping, the water sprinkler, and the rustle of trees could be heard.  And nothing more was needed.

Silence can be so very satisfying, but not many humans really give it a fair chance.  Typically, if there isn't the sound of a radio or TV somewhere in the background, people tend to become uncomfortable. That's usually because they are not comfortable with their own thoughts and feelings.  Having the TV or radio constantly playing is one way to avoid being intimate with yourself. And this is the main reason why people feel lonely.

Mr.Nut expounds on the beauty and satisfaction of silence.
Whether he is inside on his cat tree, outside in the big cage, or enjoying the front lawn with me, he insists on silence.
And as a result, I have come to enjoy the true contentment of just "being".

If there is anything that squirrels teach best, I would say it is the value of silence.