Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Heart Wisdom

Mr.Nut traveling through the Cosmos

People always ask me... how does Mr.Nut know what he knows?  He always gives the perfect answers to all the questions asked!

First of all, I have to say that Mr.Nut is not your typical squirrel.  He has been preparing for many incarnations to come back in this time on earth to assist with the transformation of human consciousness.  You may be familiar with one of his past lives as
Chuang Tzu, (399 - 295 B.C.).
Chuang Tzu took the Taoist position of Lao Tzu and developed it further. His writing is at once transcendental while at the same time being deeply immersed in everyday life. He is at peace while at the same time moving through the world. And so it is again in this incarnation as Mr.Nut!

Mr.Nut was born alongside two brothers... Sweet Pea and Bucky.  Their nest came down in a cold, rainy February of 2012.  His brothers were found still huddled together in the nest, but Mr.Nut was not discovered until a full 24 hours later, barely moving, wet and cold on the ground.
From this harsh beginning on the planet, Mr.Nut learned to go within and rest in the One Squirrel Heart in order to survive!  And he has always been somewhat 'different' in his demeanor and actions.  He is soft, kind, compassionate and a font of limitless wisdom!

Even as a small squirrel child, you can witness his intensity:

Mr.Nut has always lived simultaneously in different dimensions.  He has the ability to connect with beings all over the Cosmos and so is able to assist humans to experience profound heart openings!

It gives Mr.Nut great pleasure to share his wisdom. He is generous with his love and enjoys all tenderness offered to him.  He is friendly to all and will not hesitate to bury a nut under your feet or at your collar.  He has no interest in owning anything.  He simply radiates squirrelove to all!

Mr.Nut's life is the evidence of Truth.

Mr.Nut's prayer is that all beings discover that the LOVE they are searching for...  is already there inside their heart!

Om Shanti Om!