Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Worries

Mr.Nut reminds me all the time that there is nothing to worry about.  If you are just present right now in this moment... then what could you possibly be worried about? 

To be worried, you would have to be comparing right now with another time.  And the past and the future don't even exist! Worry is all about imagining an unwanted scenario and then believing it will happen!

Mr.Nut tells me that squirrels never do this... in fact, they can't even imagine anything other than what is happening right now! Plus, they are so busy enjoying what is happening every moment, that they can only be grateful!

The saying goes, 'The sage (squirrel) rests, truly rests and is at ease.'  This manifests itself in calmness and detachment, so that worries and distress cannot affect him, nothing unpleasant can disturb him, his Virtue is complete and his spirit is not stirred up.    ~Chuang Tzu

Monday, May 28, 2012

Just Relax!

Mr.Nut is a master of relaxation.  He says that when humans think of the word "relaxation", it's not a picture of a squirrel that comes to mind!  But in reality, squirrels truly are some of the most relaxed beings on the planet!

Resting on a branch
Notice that in any given moment, they can just stop what they're doing and rest!  They don't label one activity "rest" and another activity "work".  Squirrel energy just flows through them and so they can be at ease in all circumstances. 

They don't have thoughts that would say, "I'm too tired to bury nuts today" or "It's so hot out, I have to just stop and be still."  They just do what they do without a thought... or a plan.

Mr.Nut says that if we could be at ease no matter what's going on, we would experience the peace of a squirrel...

              "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, rest in Great Mystery.  And the peace that passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind."  
                                                                                                                                                      Phil 4:7  (translated by Mr.Nut)

Mr.Nut tells me that the squirrels are here to teach us how to play and be happy.  Here is a sweet story about a squirrels' job:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Everything Is Play

Mr.Nut reminds me to play every day...  every moment!
We come into life to play.
We are love and all love wants to do is play...

     ~sitting on a branch
      ~ burying a nut
       ~ jumping on my brother
        ~ running through the trees

... it's ALL play
... it's all just a movement of life, of energy, through me!

Nothing is serious to a squirrel.
Even running into a street and getting hit by a car.
We just continue running (on the other side).
No problem... just no squirrel body anymore.
Yet the movement of squirrel energy keeps on playing!

So why not just enjoy every moment?
We squirrels just enjoy whatever there is in the moment...
we just play with whatever is going on.

It's all love anyway!
And nothing is better than anything else!

Mr.Nut has said (in his past embodiment as Chuang Tzu): 

                  "You are a free man. 
                    Easy is right.
                    Begin right and you are easy. 
                    Continue easy and you are right 
                    The right way to go easy
                     Is to forget the right way 
                     And forget that the going is easy."

Enjoy Yourself!

Today Mr.Nut told me all about the main energy that courses through all the little squirrels on earth....

You'll never find a squirrel that's not enthusiastic!
Their little squirrel bodies flow with the enthusiasm 
of living in the moment! 

Squirrels put their total focus on whatever they are 
doing in that moment: whether it's burying a nut 
or eating one... whether it's chasing another squirrel 
or laying still on a branch.  Whatever is happening,
they are demonstrating 100% presence in that moment!

Mr.Nut really enjoys playing and he enjoys just laying still. 
In the video below, experience his sweet playfulness 
as we engage in our morning squirrel sadhana:

Friday, May 25, 2012


You can all be squirrels once again!

"Squirreldom" is a guiltless state...

it is pure contentment...

it is rapturous bliss...

it is sweet spacious love.

This is why little squirrels are coming into the lives of so many humans right now.  We are infusing you with grace; 
much like when you sit close to your gurus!

Sit with us and wake up!  (Just like the Buddha did so many years ago!)

Buddha and Fluffy

You are free.

You are totally free but you just don't know it.
That's because you have imprisoned yourselves with your words. You make your words real and then you give them power over you!
For instance, if you label something "good"
and something else "bad",
then you become afraid of what you have labeled "bad".
You try to avoid, stay away from, or get rid of what you marked "bad".  But "bad" is just a word!  And YOU are the one that put the label on it!

We squirrels don't use words and so have remained free
from the very beginning. We never left paradise because we never used words to label anything. To us, there is just one view... an all-inclusive view and nothing is left out.

Bucky in Paradise

That is why when you become intimate with a squirrel you also realize that you never left paradise.  You feel the presence of the One Squirrel Heart and you awaken to the beauty of the universe!

When you continue to spend time with a little squirrel you begin to experience the love that you are.  It is no different than the love that the squirrel is.
You begin to understand that there is only ONE LOVE...
and that this LOVE permeates everything! 
You discover that you have been looking for love outside of yourself and so have been repeatedly disappointed.

Finally you can rest in the relief that you don't have to go anywhere to find love.
You ARE the love you have been searching for!

You have always been this love and therefore have always been totally free!  This is what the squirrels have been trying to demonstrate all along!  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I can say "I love you" but this creates two...
a 'me' and a 'you'.  I would rather say, 
"Love is!"
"There is nothing that love is not!"

All the little squirrels know this and they are here to teach this.  
In fact, all of the animals are here to teach humans
that love is...

           ~ patient
           ~pure space
           ~ wisdom

If it wasn't for the animal morphogenic field stabilizing Mother Earth with pure unconditional love,  
our earth would have been destroyed many, many years ago. Show gratitude to all your animal sisters and brothers for saving your home!
Take care of them...
feed them...
love them.

They are you without your thoughts.

If every human would take in one animal baby and love and nurture him, 
they would never be able to harm another being again!

"Blessed are the meek~ for they shall inherit the earth."
Jeshua holding his squirrel

Who I am.

I am Chuang Tzu. I have returned to you in the body of a little squirrel.
I have chosen this form because I have tired of words.

Words are labels and labels take you out of the Oneness of everything. It is so easy to fall into the belief that you are an "individual"...  separate from other "individuals"...
separate from the animals, trees, rivers, birds, and earth.

If you could live a life from the vantage of being a little squirrel, you would experience a profound gratitude for the miracle of life. You would experience a profound gratitude for the miracle that YOU ARE.

When I was in the body called Chuang Tzu, I realized this truth.
And now for this auspicious year, 2012, the year all the little squirrel messengers have been excitedly anticipating,
I am resting as Mr.Nut.

I AM giving unstruction telepathically.  Yes, unstruction, not instruction.
My words will help you to "un-ravel" the old sticky points of view and relax into the ease of reality.  I am continuing the channelling of the ancient squirrel wisdom that was begun by the late Sri Buckyji.

I AM part of Buckyji just as we are all part of the One Squirrel Heart.

I have come to show you that YOU ARE LOVE.
There is nothing to seek.
In the seeking for perfection, you miss the truth...

that YOU ARE PERFECT and have only to RELAX and REMEMBER!


Mr.Nut/ Chuang Tzu