Sunday, May 27, 2012

Everything Is Play

Mr.Nut reminds me to play every day...  every moment!
We come into life to play.
We are love and all love wants to do is play...

     ~sitting on a branch
      ~ burying a nut
       ~ jumping on my brother
        ~ running through the trees

... it's ALL play
... it's all just a movement of life, of energy, through me!

Nothing is serious to a squirrel.
Even running into a street and getting hit by a car.
We just continue running (on the other side).
No problem... just no squirrel body anymore.
Yet the movement of squirrel energy keeps on playing!

So why not just enjoy every moment?
We squirrels just enjoy whatever there is in the moment...
we just play with whatever is going on.

It's all love anyway!
And nothing is better than anything else!

Mr.Nut has said (in his past embodiment as Chuang Tzu): 

                  "You are a free man. 
                    Easy is right.
                    Begin right and you are easy. 
                    Continue easy and you are right 
                    The right way to go easy
                     Is to forget the right way 
                     And forget that the going is easy."

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