Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I can say "I love you" but this creates two...
a 'me' and a 'you'.  I would rather say, 
"Love is!"
"There is nothing that love is not!"

All the little squirrels know this and they are here to teach this.  
In fact, all of the animals are here to teach humans
that love is...

           ~ patient
           ~pure space
           ~ wisdom

If it wasn't for the animal morphogenic field stabilizing Mother Earth with pure unconditional love,  
our earth would have been destroyed many, many years ago. Show gratitude to all your animal sisters and brothers for saving your home!
Take care of them...
feed them...
love them.

They are you without your thoughts.

If every human would take in one animal baby and love and nurture him, 
they would never be able to harm another being again!

"Blessed are the meek~ for they shall inherit the earth."
Jeshua holding his squirrel

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