Friday, May 25, 2012

You are free.

You are totally free but you just don't know it.
That's because you have imprisoned yourselves with your words. You make your words real and then you give them power over you!
For instance, if you label something "good"
and something else "bad",
then you become afraid of what you have labeled "bad".
You try to avoid, stay away from, or get rid of what you marked "bad".  But "bad" is just a word!  And YOU are the one that put the label on it!

We squirrels don't use words and so have remained free
from the very beginning. We never left paradise because we never used words to label anything. To us, there is just one view... an all-inclusive view and nothing is left out.

Bucky in Paradise

That is why when you become intimate with a squirrel you also realize that you never left paradise.  You feel the presence of the One Squirrel Heart and you awaken to the beauty of the universe!

When you continue to spend time with a little squirrel you begin to experience the love that you are.  It is no different than the love that the squirrel is.
You begin to understand that there is only ONE LOVE...
and that this LOVE permeates everything! 
You discover that you have been looking for love outside of yourself and so have been repeatedly disappointed.

Finally you can rest in the relief that you don't have to go anywhere to find love.
You ARE the love you have been searching for!

You have always been this love and therefore have always been totally free!  This is what the squirrels have been trying to demonstrate all along!  

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