Monday, December 23, 2013

Mr.Nut's Holiday Message

Mr.Nut is inside today because it's freezing outside and the wind is biting!  He's been jumping on me and insisting that I take down his Holiday message! So here is it: 

Christmas is an important day for squirrels.  Not many people know this, but over 2000 years ago, when the Christ child was born, little squirrels were there with him! It was very cold that night and the stable they were in was pretty drafty.  So one beautiful mama squirrel brought her brood over to his manger. She proceeded to lay down next to him and directed her little ones to do the same. In that way, he was kept toasty warm! 

Not many people are aware of Christ's love for the little squirrels and today we see only a few hints of their relationship.  Here is a stained glass window at an Episcopal Church in New York featuring this beautiful friendship! 

Mr.Nut also relayed that, just like the Christ, all the little squirrels are here on the planet teaching the message of love. Have you ever noticed that when a person is going through a tough time in life, whether there has been a death or a loss of some sort;  very often an orphaned squirrel will show up to soothe that being's heart. Typically, the human thinks it is rescuing the squirrel,  but in reality, the baby squirrel is rescuing the human, by transmitting copious amounts of undiluted Squirrelove! In this way, many human hearts have been mended!  

So as we close in on this special day, the birthday of the Christ, please take a few moments to practice Mr.Nut's simple squirrel meditation:

1) Lay down and be comfortable.
2) Close your eyes.
3) Contemplate love.
4) Be happy!