Monday, December 23, 2013

Mr.Nut's Holiday Message

Mr.Nut is inside today because it's freezing outside and the wind is biting!  He's been jumping on me and insisting that I take down his Holiday message! So here is it: 

Christmas is an important day for squirrels.  Not many people know this, but over 2000 years ago, when the Christ child was born, little squirrels were there with him! It was very cold that night and the stable they were in was pretty drafty.  So one beautiful mama squirrel brought her brood over to his manger. She proceeded to lay down next to him and directed her little ones to do the same. In that way, he was kept toasty warm! 

Not many people are aware of Christ's love for the little squirrels and today we see only a few hints of their relationship.  Here is a stained glass window at an Episcopal Church in New York featuring this beautiful friendship! 

Mr.Nut also relayed that, just like the Christ, all the little squirrels are here on the planet teaching the message of love. Have you ever noticed that when a person is going through a tough time in life, whether there has been a death or a loss of some sort;  very often an orphaned squirrel will show up to soothe that being's heart. Typically, the human thinks it is rescuing the squirrel,  but in reality, the baby squirrel is rescuing the human, by transmitting copious amounts of undiluted Squirrelove! In this way, many human hearts have been mended!  

So as we close in on this special day, the birthday of the Christ, please take a few moments to practice Mr.Nut's simple squirrel meditation:

1) Lay down and be comfortable.
2) Close your eyes.
3) Contemplate love.
4) Be happy!   

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rest, Eat, and Rest Again.

 Mr.Nut as Pure Awareness 

 To really rest, meaning the kind of rest you experience in deep sleep… Mr.Nut tells us that it is not necessary to actually be asleep.  You can "rest" with your eyes open. All that is required is to remove one's attention from the thoughts, feelings, phenomena, or 'stuff' of life; and instead, focus on the space that includes everything. This space is not mere nothingness… it is a vibrant and alive space!  It is squirrelove!  And in fact, you are not separate from this! You ARE squirrelove!  Ask any squirrel and s/he'll tell you the same thing!

Sri Nut's recommended practice can be summed up in one statement:  "Rest, eat, and then rest again!"
Eating in this case is used figuratively and means to participate in what arises, if you choose, but be aware of it and then come back to the state of rest again.  Then it becomes easy to see that you are not really doing anything, but rather you are "being done"!

Mr.Nut as the Self

Mr.Nut uses every minute to teach this esoteric squirrel wisdom.  Even when it looks like he is asleep, he is actually working on many dimensions simultaneously to communicate this truth to all those with open minds and open hearts! He is dedicated to the awakening of humankind.

Squirrelove is the "peace that passes all understanding."
Sri Nut invites you to join him in this peace and
 enjoy your 'Self'! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beingness is Squirrelove

As Mr.Nut was resting peacefully on top of his cat tree,
he telepathically communicated to me that there is absolutely no difference between him, me, you, Buddha, Mooji, Trungpa Rinpoche, Ramana Maharshi, or anyone else!! We are all the same essential Beingness.  And all we have to do is rest in that Beingness to know it's true. That's why Mr.Nut is so wise…  he is always resting in his "I AM".

Mr.Nut in deep contemplation

Mr.Nut also said that humans spend much time comparing themselves with each other. And this habit keeps them from awakening to who they really are: the pure space of squirrelove.  He says that all squirrels know who they are and so they are fearless. They don't try to protect themselves as is evidenced from the way they cross the street… without a care in the world! They just know they are completely taken care of!

Muffin resting in the "I AM"

Mr.Nut went on to explain that the entire universe is comprised of units of happy juice (a.k.a. squirrelove) and that all the little squirrels are the happiest and juiciest beings on the planet!  It's no wonder that when people interact with them, a transformation of consciousness begins!  It doesn't matter whether it is a rescue situation or simply feeding them in a park!  Anyone interacting with these beings become transformed by the potent essence of squirrel bliss!  All over the Cosmos, little squirrels are actively participating in the transformation of consciousness right now!  

May you come to know yourself
as the Beingness of 
Jump into the  
juice of Squirrelbliss 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Your Squirrel IS Your Sage!

My Sage: Mr.Nut

Let your relationship with your squirrel be the template for your relationship with the people in your life.
You honor your squirrel and love your squirrel.
But you know you cannot "make" your squirrel do what you want him to do.  You can't direct him.
The real truth is he directs you.

Your squirrel is a Sage sent to teach you
the "Way of Love".
You cannot "train" your squirrel because he does not seek your love or approval.  He doesn't seek anything, but rather he rests contentedly in himself.

Your squirrel IS your Sage.
He represents your innermost reality.
 Mooji has said: 
"Mind hides the sage. 
 When mind is there, sage is not. 
When sage is there, mind is not."

Let go of your mind 
and your squirrel will come
and sit in your heart.
Then the "Way of Love"
will be known to you.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Squirrel's Gift

The loving gaze of Mr.Nut

Mr.Nut has been really enjoying the fresh autumn air, playing outside in his big cage.  He is such a gentle soul... not really the kind of squirrel that can make it on his own.  The neighborhood squirrels come to see him, especially Buddins. Buddins sits with Mr.Nut every morning and afternoon.  They wave their tails and Mr.Nut teaches Buddins many long held squirrel secrets. Buddins keeps insisting that Mr.Nut come out and play with him... but Mr.Nut just tells him that his dharma is to educate and raise consciousness.  Mr.Nut says that the squirrels are here on the planet to teach love and he is here to remind them of their mission. 

Many people have started to seek counsel from Mr.Nut as he is a true Sage and is full of wisdom.  He has a very simple method.  You ask your question and Mr.Nut gives an answer. He has no judgement and is a pure vessel of truth.  So if you are at some kind of crossroads in your life, just know that Mr.Nut is willing to help you take the leap.  

"Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers 
within yourself that you have built against it."
                                      ~ Rumi

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Squantum Physics

Mr.Nut told me today that Squantum Physics is the "state of the art" field of physics that can answer all your questions about the nature of reality!  He says that 'Squantum' is the branch of physics that deals with the indivisible units of energy called 'squanta'.  All energy is made up of these squanta particles and if you look at them under a powerful electron microscope, you will see something like the photo above.  Each squanta is comprised of pure squirreluminosity.  There is no space that can ever be separate or apart from this squirreluminous juiciness! 

Mr.Nut recommends that you sit quietly in meditation and contemplate this!  What this means is that the entire universe is completely brimming with squirrelove!  Every wave and every particle is squirreluminous!  No one and nothing is left out!  That means that there is nothing to worry about!  Every problem can be solved simply by resting in the truth!  The spaciousness of squirrelove rules the totality!  Squirrel happiness proliferates randomly and is inclusive of absolutely everything!  This is indeed cause for celebration!

Now of course there are always those skeptics that will offer up objections, such as: 

Q. If every space is full of squirrelove, then how do you explain the misery on the planet, for example the killings of innocent animals? How could that be considered "squirrelove"?

Now in order to answer this question, we will have to explore the "wave-particle duality". Read these excerpts from On Truth and Reality:

The idea that something can be both a wave and a particle defies imagination, but the existence of this wave-particle "duality" is not in doubt. ... It is impossible to visualise a wave-particle, so don't try. ... The notion of a particle being "everywhere at once" is impossible to imagine. (Davies, Superforce)

In the quantum world, subatomic particles lurch about, suddenly disappearing from their starting points and reappearing as if by magic somewhere else. ... In many cases you cannot watch a subatomic particle move from A to B; you can only observe it at point A, and, sometime later, observe it again at point B. Just how it got there is a mystery. In this realm particles sometimes act entirely like waves, and vice versa. This equivalence of particles and waves is related to the equivalence of matter and energy that Einstein discovered. ... How could nature be both things at once? How could both pictures be right? Yet how could either be wrong? (Margaret Wertheim)
Mr.Nut suggests that you observe the following squirrel animation: 

You can see the little squirrel above is a particle when it is not moving and a wave when it is moving. Regardless of whether it is in its wave state or particle state, it is still a squirrel. We call this a "Squanta"! 

Mr.Nut says that you can use this "wave-particle" duality to answer the question posited earlier.  He says that if you look at "Squirrelove" as the total space, (in other words, it includes absolutely everything) and then take one particular incident (e.g. animal abuse) as a particle in that space.  First take note that the particle is not separate from space.  That means that both are happening at the same time. Now let's apply an arbitrary label of "good" for a wave and "bad" for a particle. Take the particle of abuse... obviously labeled "bad".  Sometimes a particle appears as a wave i.e. appears to be "good".   Killing an animal to feed a human would be an example of this... good and bad are happening at the same time.  Squirrelove, the space that includes it all, is simultaneous with the waves/particles.   Mr.Nut explained to me that a wave/particle is not inherently good or bad. He told me that it is simply our perception that decides.  So there is actually no "evil" that exists outside of our perception that it exists!  That's very good news indeed!  Mr.Nut says that enlightenment is simply that state in which you understand this.  Thank you Mr.Nut!

And this is what Mr.Nut's dear friend, Den Lilla Ekorren is singing about~

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stepping Into the New Paradigm

Muffin acts as guide into the New Paradigm

Mr.Nut is encouraging me to talk about "stepping into the New Paradigm".  This morning he telepathically communicated to me that people need to 'get up to speed' with all the changes that are happening! He says we are being pushed and prodded to let go of our old concepts and outdated programming of fear, scarcity, and separation.  He recommended that humans put aside some time each day to rest and reflect on all the good things that are occurring  in our lives and to feel gratitude for all our blessings! 

Buddins in deep meditation

Mr. Nut suggested that in quiet time it is helpful to contemplate the question...  Who was I before I was born?
He says that every squirrel knows the answer.  A squirrel does not think he is his body like most humans believe.
He knows he is really just the "spaciousness of squirrelove". That's why little squirrels have no fear of death.  Notice how they run into the street and jump from tree to tree with absolutely no hesitation? A squirrel knows that he can never not exist and that he was never really born.  So... nothing to be afraid of!

Therefore, squirrels are not control freaks like humans.  They adapt very easily to their circumstances.  They stay calm whether it is a time of feast or famine.  
They remain content regardless of the situation.
It is a great honor and privilege to
be graced with a squirrel teacher!
So whenever you are feeling overwhelmed
and stressed out, just stop, 
and take a "squirrel moment" 

And you will return to Squirrelpeace!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Buddha Squirrel of Gathright Cove

Mr.Nut in Deep Meditation

As the Texas heat continues to increase with the passing days, Mr.Nut practices the art of allowing.
He can be at peace no matter the external conditions.
That is what makes him a superior teacher of the Tao.

Every day the squirrels of the neighborhood come to visit this Buddha-squirrel to gain understanding in the ways of harmony. Mr.Nut fulfills a very important role, not only for these young squirrels, but for the planet.  Whether he counsels or sits in meditation, he radiates true bliss. And so he raises the consciousness, not only in the neighborhood, but of the entire city of Austin.  

Today I asked Mr.Nut to share with me the secret of his ever-present composure and good nature.  Here is what he said: 

"We squirrels are naturally present in spaciousness.  It is not something we have to "try" to do... on the contrary, it is just our natural way of being.

The secret of contentment is to allow everything to be as it is.  As soon as we argue with what is and insist that it be different....  we lose the awareness of the perfection of the Universe. This is the message of the Buddha... and it is my message too.

Let the little Buddha Squirrels Sing out for the World!
Mr.Nut recommends that you listen to this lovely song from Den Lilla Ekorren!  Thank you so much!

Transmission of Wisdom

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Book of the Great Squirrel

In this amazing post, we learn about a long forgotten tome of ancient squirrel wisdom!  Listen to this monumental satsang with my dearest guru, Mr.Nut, as he expounds on one of the most important verses in this great treasure!

I am honored to live with such a magnificent
and humble being as Mr.Nut.  He is very good friends with Hafiz and loves to quote his poetry.
One of the little angels that also live here, Muffin, is pictured below, examining a pecan. 
One pointed contemplation is one of the many things the little squirrels teach...

Perhaps a little squirrel will come into your life and teach you the Way...


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Little Man

Mr.Nut teaches LOVE

Most people don't realize the incredible gift it is to have a squirrel in your life!  When my dearest one, BuckyJi died on Christmas Eve of 2011, I knew he would return to me someday.  Less than two months later,  Bucky came back in the bodies of three little brothers. One squirrel body was just too small to hold the incredible LOVE of BuckyJi!!!  In a series of serendipitous events, the vet that had escorted BuckyJi out of this world was the one that sent me these three baby boys when their nest had fallen out of their tree.  I recognized Bucky's energy immediately.  I named them Bucky, Sweet Pea, and Mr.Nut.   Bucky and Sweet Pea now live outside and Mr.Nut is hanging around to teach and channel squirrelove.   

Mr.Nut helping me write a song.

This morning, Mr.Nut ran around me on the papa-san chair and telepathically communicated to me this song.  I wrote down the verses and once we had finished, Mr.Nut wanted to go play outside.  I think I am the luckiest person in the world to have such a wonderful relationship with this little squirrel!  Below are the words to the song so you can sing along. (The song itself is just below the words.)

My Little Man

Mr.Nut is my little man
He can do things no one else can
He's a squirrel of a squirrel
And a squirrel of a man
When others give up, Mr.Nut says "I can!"

Mr.Nut is my little boy
Plays with his Roly Poly Reindeer Toy
He's a squirrel of a squirrel
And a squirrel of a boy
When others are silly, Mr.Nut's simply coy!

Mr.Nut is my little love
Sent to me by the Squirrels Above
He's a squirrel of a squirrel
And a squirrel of a love
When others lose sight of it, He stands firm in Squirrelove!

Mr.Nut is my little friend
On his sweet friendship I depend
He's a squirrel of a squirrel
And a squirrel of a friend
And I love Mr.Nut without end!

Mr.Nut is my little man
He teaches me things no one else can~
How to see with my heart
How to love all I can
Mr.Nut is my little man!

Watch Mr.Nut as a "Squirrel of a Boy":

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Long Live the Squirrels

Long live the squirrels who wave their pretty tails
Long live the squirrels who radiate their mirth
Let us protect and love these little friends
They guard the Sun and anchor peace on Earth.

Once long ago I was a little squirrel
Played in the dirt and planted lots of trees
I fell asleep in yonder Bodhi tree
When I awoke I lived a life of ease.

Long live the squirrels who shower us with Grace
Long live the ones who wander near and far
Bask in their Light and listen to their hearts
They'll always guide you to your brightest star.

May you be blest to love a baby squirrel
May you be graced to hold his tiny paw
Once you have kissed her tender furry belly
Your heart will bloom and fill your life with awe.

Long live the squirrels who wave their pretty tails
Long live the squirrels who radiate their mirth
Let us give thanks and shower them with love
They guard the Sun and anchor peace on Earth.

They guard the Sun and anchor peace on Earth.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mr.Nut Honors Sri Toofie Ji

Jai Jai Toofie Ji

"The sadhu-squirrel is the happy child of God.
She has no worries,
having left the cares of the world behind.
Sitting joyfully on the lap of God,
she abides in undisturbed peace,
effortlessly immersed in the Supreme."

~adapted from Mooji's quote in "Writing on Water"

Morning Meditation with Mr.Nut

Just this morning during our squirrel-bonding-coffee-sipping-meditation, Mr.Nut suggested to me that I include some words about Toofie Ji on his own blog.  I thought that was very sweet of him...  Mr.Nut is so thoughtful and does not see himself as separate from anyone!

Like his wise sister, ToofieJi, Mr.Nut is a gentle soul that exemplifies the ultimate in the purity of unconditional love.  He asked me to include one of Mooji's verses that describe the essence of squirrel luminosity: 

"There is a great compassion
in total helplessness.
Stop trying to wriggle out of it.
Then you will see with serenity
 that this is Grace

 in disguise,
come to set your mind free.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Satsang with Mr.Nut

   Satsang, in Indian philosophy, means to keep the company of:  the "highest truth", a guru who embodies that truth, or a community of people that live by that truth.
   The awesome thing about squirrels is that they are not troubled by thoughts of the past or future. They live in the now, because for them, there is nothing else.  

    That makes them the best gurus.  Native Americans have long observed and admired the balanced lives of the animals.
For them, the animals were their teachers and they taught them about "Great Mystery".  Today in our fast-paced world, the language might be different, but the teachings remain the same.  Another word for "Great Mystery" is "Tao" or "The Way" or simply "What Is".  Many awakened humans are here on the planet today and what they are saying is no different than what the Indigenous peoples have been practicing for decades! 
     To slow down and connect to Nature is even more important now because there are so many things in our lives that distract us from this calming practice!  To visit the parks, the woods, hug a tree, feed the birds and the squirrels, or to simply "sit" outside under the Sun and Moon are all great ways to bring ourselves back into balance... and give us serenity!
      I have been caring for injured and orphaned squirrels for about 10 years now, and I am constantly in awe of their innate intelligence. That is why I have decided to share some of the beautiful teachings that my beloved squirrel, Mr.Nut, aka NuttyJi, has shared with me.  Mr.Nut has encouraged me to get him out there on the internet so he can help with our Awakening process!  
     So, below, is the first of many satsangs to come:  

" Be the squirrel you want 
to see in the world!"

Sri Bucky Ji
Beloved Guru 2009-2011