Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Your Squirrel IS Your Sage!

My Sage: Mr.Nut

Let your relationship with your squirrel be the template for your relationship with the people in your life.
You honor your squirrel and love your squirrel.
But you know you cannot "make" your squirrel do what you want him to do.  You can't direct him.
The real truth is he directs you.

Your squirrel is a Sage sent to teach you
the "Way of Love".
You cannot "train" your squirrel because he does not seek your love or approval.  He doesn't seek anything, but rather he rests contentedly in himself.

Your squirrel IS your Sage.
He represents your innermost reality.
 Mooji has said: 
"Mind hides the sage. 
 When mind is there, sage is not. 
When sage is there, mind is not."

Let go of your mind 
and your squirrel will come
and sit in your heart.
Then the "Way of Love"
will be known to you.


  1. I hope this message finds you well and tranquil. I have to tell you something of a very tender nature, but cannot seem to find words enough to suffice. I want you and your family of Squirrels to know you are all truly a blessing to me. Since I have found you, Mr. Nut and Mr. Muffin..I have been in a state of utter Joy. For my eyes to see such sheer Love, Trust and playfulness between you all..I cannot tell you how much it means to my Heart and changes my view of Life. This World is so full of cruel, intentional atrocities toward Animals by humans..it breaks my Heart to no end and makes me I feel hopeless being unable to stop their suffering. But as I continue watching your videos (sometimes over and over again)..I can see that there are gentle Souls out there who DO Love and Care for them..who DO give them Peace and Happiness in Life. There is YOU Julie Gallagher..YOU make such a BIG difference in their Lives and now, in mine as well. Your gentle voice and touch can heal a Lifetime of sadness and make whole a broken Heart such as mine. I can never ever repay you for this dear Julie..I can only Hope that the Love and great Karma you receive from your little Animal friends, can somehow convey my appreciation to you. In addition to my bunny babies and greeting Mother Earth and Father Sky, your Mr. Nut and Mr. Muffin are the first I think about as I wake in the Mornings! It is a great Honor to know of you Julie Gallagher and your Family. I am wholeheartedly grateful you are in my Life. I thank you with all that I have. May our Great Spirit continue to Bless you with all that is Good. I truly Love you all. I wish you a wonderful Spring! <3

  2. Namaste dear one. <3 I am another yourself! as is.... Mr.Nut.... and Muffin... and Rosie Posie.... and every blessed being on our planet! xoxoxo


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