Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beingness is Squirrelove

As Mr.Nut was resting peacefully on top of his cat tree,
he telepathically communicated to me that there is absolutely no difference between him, me, you, Buddha, Mooji, Trungpa Rinpoche, Ramana Maharshi, or anyone else!! We are all the same essential Beingness.  And all we have to do is rest in that Beingness to know it's true. That's why Mr.Nut is so wise…  he is always resting in his "I AM".

Mr.Nut in deep contemplation

Mr.Nut also said that humans spend much time comparing themselves with each other. And this habit keeps them from awakening to who they really are: the pure space of squirrelove.  He says that all squirrels know who they are and so they are fearless. They don't try to protect themselves as is evidenced from the way they cross the street… without a care in the world! They just know they are completely taken care of!

Muffin resting in the "I AM"

Mr.Nut went on to explain that the entire universe is comprised of units of happy juice (a.k.a. squirrelove) and that all the little squirrels are the happiest and juiciest beings on the planet!  It's no wonder that when people interact with them, a transformation of consciousness begins!  It doesn't matter whether it is a rescue situation or simply feeding them in a park!  Anyone interacting with these beings become transformed by the potent essence of squirrel bliss!  All over the Cosmos, little squirrels are actively participating in the transformation of consciousness right now!  

May you come to know yourself
as the Beingness of 
Jump into the  
juice of Squirrelbliss 


  1. You make such a difference in my World Mr. Nut. I feel Blessed and am truly Honored to be friends with you. You've come into my Life at a Time just when I needed your insight most. I Love You FOREVER.

    1. You are so very welcome. It is my dharma to show you that LOVE is who you are so there is never any reason to be afraid or stressed. The One who brought you here will take you HOME. I think my friend Rumi said that. xoxox MrNut

  2. Hello Mr. Nut! I want to tell you that our move went well and guess what?? YOU WERE RIGHT! I have many, many MORE Squirrel friends here! I'm so happy and when I take some pixies I will show you all the juicy Squirrel Love happening here in the NOW!

  3. Of course! I knew it would be just fine. We squirrels know.


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