Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rest, Eat, and Rest Again.

 Mr.Nut as Pure Awareness 

 To really rest, meaning the kind of rest you experience in deep sleep… Mr.Nut tells us that it is not necessary to actually be asleep.  You can "rest" with your eyes open. All that is required is to remove one's attention from the thoughts, feelings, phenomena, or 'stuff' of life; and instead, focus on the space that includes everything. This space is not mere nothingness… it is a vibrant and alive space!  It is squirrelove!  And in fact, you are not separate from this! You ARE squirrelove!  Ask any squirrel and s/he'll tell you the same thing!

Sri Nut's recommended practice can be summed up in one statement:  "Rest, eat, and then rest again!"
Eating in this case is used figuratively and means to participate in what arises, if you choose, but be aware of it and then come back to the state of rest again.  Then it becomes easy to see that you are not really doing anything, but rather you are "being done"!

Mr.Nut as the Self

Mr.Nut uses every minute to teach this esoteric squirrel wisdom.  Even when it looks like he is asleep, he is actually working on many dimensions simultaneously to communicate this truth to all those with open minds and open hearts! He is dedicated to the awakening of humankind.

Squirrelove is the "peace that passes all understanding."
Sri Nut invites you to join him in this peace and
 enjoy your 'Self'! 

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