Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Little Man

Mr.Nut teaches LOVE

Most people don't realize the incredible gift it is to have a squirrel in your life!  When my dearest one, BuckyJi died on Christmas Eve of 2011, I knew he would return to me someday.  Less than two months later,  Bucky came back in the bodies of three little brothers. One squirrel body was just too small to hold the incredible LOVE of BuckyJi!!!  In a series of serendipitous events, the vet that had escorted BuckyJi out of this world was the one that sent me these three baby boys when their nest had fallen out of their tree.  I recognized Bucky's energy immediately.  I named them Bucky, Sweet Pea, and Mr.Nut.   Bucky and Sweet Pea now live outside and Mr.Nut is hanging around to teach and channel squirrelove.   

Mr.Nut helping me write a song.

This morning, Mr.Nut ran around me on the papa-san chair and telepathically communicated to me this song.  I wrote down the verses and once we had finished, Mr.Nut wanted to go play outside.  I think I am the luckiest person in the world to have such a wonderful relationship with this little squirrel!  Below are the words to the song so you can sing along. (The song itself is just below the words.)

My Little Man

Mr.Nut is my little man
He can do things no one else can
He's a squirrel of a squirrel
And a squirrel of a man
When others give up, Mr.Nut says "I can!"

Mr.Nut is my little boy
Plays with his Roly Poly Reindeer Toy
He's a squirrel of a squirrel
And a squirrel of a boy
When others are silly, Mr.Nut's simply coy!

Mr.Nut is my little love
Sent to me by the Squirrels Above
He's a squirrel of a squirrel
And a squirrel of a love
When others lose sight of it, He stands firm in Squirrelove!

Mr.Nut is my little friend
On his sweet friendship I depend
He's a squirrel of a squirrel
And a squirrel of a friend
And I love Mr.Nut without end!

Mr.Nut is my little man
He teaches me things no one else can~
How to see with my heart
How to love all I can
Mr.Nut is my little man!

Watch Mr.Nut as a "Squirrel of a Boy":

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