Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mr.Nut Honors Sri Toofie Ji

Jai Jai Toofie Ji

"The sadhu-squirrel is the happy child of God.
She has no worries,
having left the cares of the world behind.
Sitting joyfully on the lap of God,
she abides in undisturbed peace,
effortlessly immersed in the Supreme."

~adapted from Mooji's quote in "Writing on Water"

Morning Meditation with Mr.Nut

Just this morning during our squirrel-bonding-coffee-sipping-meditation, Mr.Nut suggested to me that I include some words about Toofie Ji on his own blog.  I thought that was very sweet of him...  Mr.Nut is so thoughtful and does not see himself as separate from anyone!

Like his wise sister, ToofieJi, Mr.Nut is a gentle soul that exemplifies the ultimate in the purity of unconditional love.  He asked me to include one of Mooji's verses that describe the essence of squirrel luminosity: 

"There is a great compassion
in total helplessness.
Stop trying to wriggle out of it.
Then you will see with serenity
 that this is Grace

 in disguise,
come to set your mind free.


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