Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stepping Into the New Paradigm

Muffin acts as guide into the New Paradigm

Mr.Nut is encouraging me to talk about "stepping into the New Paradigm".  This morning he telepathically communicated to me that people need to 'get up to speed' with all the changes that are happening! He says we are being pushed and prodded to let go of our old concepts and outdated programming of fear, scarcity, and separation.  He recommended that humans put aside some time each day to rest and reflect on all the good things that are occurring  in our lives and to feel gratitude for all our blessings! 

Buddins in deep meditation

Mr. Nut suggested that in quiet time it is helpful to contemplate the question...  Who was I before I was born?
He says that every squirrel knows the answer.  A squirrel does not think he is his body like most humans believe.
He knows he is really just the "spaciousness of squirrelove". That's why little squirrels have no fear of death.  Notice how they run into the street and jump from tree to tree with absolutely no hesitation? A squirrel knows that he can never not exist and that he was never really born.  So... nothing to be afraid of!

Therefore, squirrels are not control freaks like humans.  They adapt very easily to their circumstances.  They stay calm whether it is a time of feast or famine.  
They remain content regardless of the situation.
It is a great honor and privilege to
be graced with a squirrel teacher!
So whenever you are feeling overwhelmed
and stressed out, just stop, 
and take a "squirrel moment" 

And you will return to Squirrelpeace!


  1. Mr. Nut, you are SO right. I wake every morning and take a few moments to give gratitude for the great things I'll receive that day. The simplest are the best: being able to breathe, being able to think and just waking up to live another day. It's a great way to start the day and puts the important things into perspective. Sending you much love and thanking you for your wisdom. <3

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  3. I LUV YOU Mr. Nut, my Galactic kindred soul.


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