Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meditation is a non-doing!

Everything is meditation!  Whenever you bring your full, undivided attention to a task.... you are meditating! Then you have no concerns because the "you" disappears.  The task is just happening on its own!

People think it's only meditation when you sit quietly and focus on your breathing.  This is only one way.  The trouble with humans is they spend most of their time thinking about the past or the future and very little time in the present.

We squirrels are always in the NOW... so we are always present!   For us squirrels,  there is nothing that is not meditation because we never think about what we are doing...  the nut burying, running, playing...  it's all happening automatically!

     Squirrels just live their lives.  They don't remember the past or worry about the future!  Humans think that squirrels
remember where they bury a nut... but that's really not so.
We bury our nuts all over and whenever we get hungry we just sniff one out... it may or may not be the one we buried! But that's ok!

Squirrels don't believe in "ownership" like humans do.  The earth, the trees, the nuts... it all belongs to everybody!  That way, there's no stress over any of it because everything is shared!

Mr.Nut says if you get caught up in worry, then just be a squirrel for a day and you will experience perfect relaxation!  

You can call it squirrel meditation if you like!

Nothing to do and no one to do it!

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