Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Everything Is All Right

Mr.Nut told me that squirrels don't really experience illness the way we (humans) do.  Even if a squirrel has a broken leg or a bitten-off tail, you won't ever find them moping around feeling sorry for themselves.  They just go with whatever is happening. In a squirrels' world, everything is perfectly fine as it is!

From an outside (dualistic) perspective, where you have a subject and object (squirrel and human), a squirrel may appear to have a physical infirmity.  But from the squirrel's point of view, he doesn't. Mr.Nut says that squirrels are ONE with everything. They live a nondual experience.

Years ago, a little squirrel showed up one day at the trail where I had just finished a run. This little girl was covered with big bloody growths.  From my perspective, she had a disease and I wanted to trap her and treat her sores with Vitamin E.  Alas, she was too fast to catch.  I sat down and observed her in silence and I heard "Just give her Reiki".

Reiki is universal life force energy which is whole (not dual) and is appropriate in all circumstances.  Reiki sees everything as perfect just as it is.

So for the next few months, Floppity (I called her Floppity because her ears were flopped over with the weight of a growth on each ear!) showed up every day at the same time for pecans.  I blessed the pecans with Reiki before I gave them to her.  Then as she sat in front of me eating them, I sent her Reiki.  I would say to her, "Floppity, you are a perfect squirrel.  You are perfectly well."

Floppity never missed a day and in just about 2 months time, all of the growths dried up and fell off her body.  Then her hair grew in those places and she looked like every other squirrel!  The only tell-tale sign was her "half-ears". She lived for many years after that and gave the earth many squirrel children!  

It was a squirrel miracle!

A squirrel has a real advantage over humans in the area of physical wellness.  They are perfectly happy with what is...
and when you don't argue with reality, you live stress-free  and that is the best environment for healing!

Mr.Nut says that's why squirrels are here~
to demonstrate the ease of living a nondual reality!

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