Monday, July 2, 2012

Play It Forward

Mr.Nut told me this morning that the whole concept of "paying it forward" was originally conceived by a Mama squirrel. You see, from time immemorial, baby squirrels have always been taught by their mums to bury at least three nuts for the other squirrels in their neighborhood. And then the three squirrels that found those nuts would of course bury three more nuts for three more squirrels! Well in no time, you see, every squirrel had more than enough to eat!


This concept was beautifully portrayed in the movie "Pay It Forward".  Mr.Nut assures me that the Mama squirrels taught their young to "play it forward" since in a squirrels' world, everything is PLAY!  
Mr.Nut also confided in me that the popular saying,
"Practice Random Acts of Kindness" 
was originally taught by squirrel mothers the world over as:
 "Play Random Acts of Squirreluminosity!"

Now, since little squirrels don't use "words", they communicate telepathically to children and to 'squirrel whisperers' to get their message out to the world!  2012 is the time for remembering who we are! It is the time of the "Return of the Squirrel" to nudge open our hearts to:

Return Of The Squirrel from julian davies on Vimeo.

Be the squirrel you want to see in the world!

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