Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All the Answers Are in Your Heart

You may be wondering how Mr.Nut can have all
the answers to all your sundry questions!  
It's so simple!
Mr.Nut is your heart in squirrel form.
Whenever you ask Mr.Nut, 
you are actually allowing the 
wisdom of the One Squirrel Heart
to come forth!
Mr.Nut doesn't have any concepts, ideas, 
or judgements.  He rests in "no mind"! 
And from that pure space... 
wisdom proliferates!
Please do feel free to send 
a friend request to Mrs.Nut
(Julie Squirrelady Gallagher)  
and post your questions on her wall!
Then check back for Mr.Nuts' response!
Then, just rest in squirrelove!

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