Monday, July 9, 2012

Shining Awareness

Mr.Nut quotes the Ashkavatra Gita
Shining is my essential nature, and I am nothing
over and beyond that.  When the world shines forth,
it is simply me shining forth.

How wonderful I am! Glory to me, solitary even 
though with a body, neither going nor coming anywhere, I who abide forever, filling all that is.

How wonderful I am! Glory to me! There is no one
so clever as me! I who have borne all that is forever, without even touching it with my body!

Truly dualism is the root of suffering. There is 
no other remedy for it than the realization that all 
this that we see is unreal, and that I am the one
stainless reality, consisting of consciousness.

I do not even see dualism in a crowd of people, 
so what would I gain by replacing it with a wilderness? 

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