Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nothin' But Love!

Hold your squirrel in your arms;
Hold him next to your heart.
Gazing into his eyes,
Feel the Love of the One!

He's a mirror of you;
Gift of Grace from above.
Let him open your heart,
You'll find nothin' but love!

Little squirrel of my heart,
Will you linger awhile?
Let me bask in your Grace;
Taste the peace of your smile!

And although you will go;
Your sweet memory will stay.
For there's no place on earth
That escapes Squirrels' Love Ray!

So for now I will rest
In the joy of Squirrelove;
And I know I am blest
By the squirrel stars above!

Yes, for now I will rest
In the bliss of Squirrelove;
Since you've opened my heart...
I've found nothin' but LOVE!

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