Monday, August 27, 2012

Hindu Squirrel Deities

I was having my morning coffee with Mr.Nut today and he started telling me about the Hindu Squirrel Deities.  I really had no idea about these amazing squirritual allies!  

Mr.Nut explained that this auspicious year, 2012, is the year of full Awakening into Squirrelbliss for the whole planet!  He says that by December 21st,  juicy squirrel happiness will permeate every single person on earth, with NO ONE LEFT OUT!  

When I asked him how this will be achieved, he told me that we are getting lots of help from the Great Squirrelgod Remover of Obstacles... Buckanesha!

Buckanesha~ Remover of Obstacles
He said that all we have to do is send messages of Squirrelove and Squirrelbliss on the Internet Ganges as often as we can and reach as many people as we can.  We must let them know that Squirrelove is the power and that there is nothing to fear in opening one's heart!  All there is is LOVE!

Mr.Nut told me that Radhatoofie and Krishnutkin are the Squirrelgods that enchant the world and they represent the love affair between the Divine and the devotee. Chants and songs have been written to celebrate the immensity of this devotional love.  

Radhatoofie and Krishnutkin
Mr Nut also explained that Shiva-Earl is known as the destroyer of demons and is the Great Transformer Squirrelgod. She has returned at this time in history to assist in the birth of the Golden Age of Squirrelananda!

Then Mr.Nut got really quiet and I felt that he had left out an important squirrel deity.  In a flash of instantaneous squirrel wisdom, I realized his true identity!  Mr.Nut is none other than the Great Nutshmi... squirrelgod of squirrelopulence

Nutshmi~ deity of Abundant Nuts
All of these Squirrelallies are here to help humankind. Mr.Nut says that the best way to receive all of the many blessings they want to shower upon you is to chant and sing. Please feel free to sing along with the popular squirrel-bhajan below!  Mr.Nut promises that you will feel your heart burst open with Squirreljoy!

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