Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Egyptian Squirrel Rulers

King Nut
As I was searching in my squirrel archives for a photo of the Squirrel King of Longview, Mr.Nut nonchalantly informed me of the many great Egyptian squirrel rulers of days gone by!
He confessed of his incarnation as King Nut and that he had been the son of Buckenaten.

Pharoah Buckenaten

Mr.Nut also informed me that his father and his mother, Nefertoofie, were known for a religious revolution in which
they worshipped one god only, Aten, the sun disc.

I find it so interesting that in the Mayan story of creation, it was a squirrel that built an altar to the Sun and was considered his companion!  And did you know that King Nut's wet nurse was called Maya?


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