Monday, October 1, 2012

Losing the Moon

Mr.Nut on the Moon

Since Mr.Nut has resumed resting happily inside the house these days, he's started channelling amazing squirrel wisdom again.  His brothers, Sweet Pea and Bucky are currently in the outdoor cage acclimating to the sounds and weather and awaiting their release into the neighborhood later this week.

This morning while I was enjoying my morning coffee, Mr.Nut brought my attention back to Byron Katie's book, "Losing the Moon".  We were enjoying our daily squirrel-bonding  meditation, in which Mr.Nut climbs on my head and graciously infuses squirrelove 

into my crown chakra.

Mr.Nut infusing Squirrel Wisdom

Suddenly Mr.Nut proclaimed,
"There is no moon.
There is no Mr.Nut.
You are the moon.
You are Mr.Nut.
 Before you put your attention on anything,
does it even exist?
Lose the story of the moon and you lose the story of Mr.Nut.
Without the story of Mr.Nut...
... nothing exists but LOVE!

Could it be that he was trying to prepare me to let go?
And yet, there is nothing to hold on to!
Nothing is real...
not even a little squirrel!

I love you Mr.Nut.

 or perhaps it's just "I love".

or maybe just...


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