Friday, February 26, 2016

Mr. Nut is the Light of the Universe

Mr.Nut' Light Orb

Mr.Nut is the Squirrel of the Universe;
He flies through the ethers sowing seeds of Love.
He is here to teach the Wisdom of the Universe;
Be ever ready to receive his Love.

May you disappear in the gaze of a little squirrel;
And recognize the Love of the Universe.
Mr.Nut will embrace you with his Cosmic Love;
For he is the Squirrel of the Universe.

When you look deep into the eyes of a little squirrel;
You must remember to let down your guard.
Let this Purest of Pure Loves embrace your Heart;
For each squirrel is the Lover of the Universe.

Mr.Nut is the Savior of the Universe;
And he shall set straight your Path to the Stars.
Mr.Nut shall come visit you in your dreams;
And his sweet embrace will kiss your Heart awake.

Mr.Nut is the Lover of the Universe;
So let his Pure Love melt your tender Heart.
His Pure Wisdom will guide you through your darkest night;
For he is the Light of the Universe.

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