Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Squirrel Nonduality

Squirrel Nonduality

Have you noticed lately the increase in offerings of nondual teachings on the internet?  There are all kinds of teachers coming out of the woodwork (so to speak)!  The ones you have most likely heard of:  Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Mooji, to name a few.  And a host of others you might not have heard of:  Fred David, Salvadore Poe, Kyle Hoobin, Randall Friend, John Wheeler, James Braha and many more.

Frankly, they are all saying the same thing.  And that is "You ALREADY ARE what you are looking for!"   (i.e.You already are FREE... you just have to recognize it.)

AND, concurrently, in this most interesting time we live in, have you noticed the increasing numbers of posts, stories, photos, and news clips of squirrels happening?  Every day there seems to be a new funny story about a squirrel on a baseball field, a canoeist rescuing a squirrel out in the middle of a lake, a human giving CPR to a squirrel, or some TV special all about squirrels.   

Most people would never make the connection between these two happenings, but it has become VERY CLEAR to me there is one.

Taking a squirrel moment =
'Taking a Short Moment"  or  "Having a Holiday".

Little squirrels, are perfect examples of "Living  Nonduality".   Nonduality simply means "not two".  Human suffering is a result of the belief that we are 'separate' from God* and others.   Squirrels have no thought of separation whatsoever.   They ARE one with What is.   Awakening is simply the realization of this.  Because humans tend to have two lives, the one they live in reality and the one they live inside their head, they tend to become very confused at times.   Squirrels on the other hand are always very clear.   Humans tend to dwell on the past or future and forget all about the present moment. Squirrels live ONLY in the NOW.
Squirrel Nonduality

You've heard this quote:  "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."   Well it's happening!   Nondual teachers and Squirrels alike are answering the call of the multitudes of students out there looking for "Enlightenment".
The human teachers who are living nonduality are assisting others to know the Truth by writing books, having meetings, etc.   Squirrel teachers on the other hand teach completely in Silence by example.  You have NO EXCUSE not to wake up in this lifetime!
We are all led to the perfect teacher...
and for some, it's a little squirrel.

* GOD = What Is = Tao = All That Is

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